Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sad Story, Subtle Headlines, Misunderstandings

Mychal Bell is a troubled soul, I wish him a speedy recovery from his wounds and whatever peace he needs to grow as a man.

The nola.com headlines the AP article as such:

Convicted 'Jena 6' defendant Mychal Bell shoots himself

CNN went with something slightly different:

'Jena 6' figure shoots himself

I think it's fair to say from my quick googling of the event that the only new outlet to insert the word "convicted" into the title of that story was the Times-Picayune. I think it's important to notice these kinds of things.


Last night I was watching the Utah Jazz demolish my poor Philadelphia 76ers. Toward the end of the 4th quarter, with the outcome of the game already decided, Reggie Evans of the Sixers was called for a technical foul, the NBA equivalent of a yellow card in Soccer.

Reggie Evans is a big, bald, bearded, black guy that has developed a reputation for hard play, earning his paychecks by fighting on the offensive and defensive glass. Evans is gregarious on the court but also something of an enforcer for his team when necessary. He's kind of a goon, but a fairly well-respected goon.

Anyway, as the game slipped away from the Sixers, Evans was given some minutes off the bench. I forget exactly what transpired, but a Sixers offensive possession was cut short when Evans fouled Kyle Korver of the Jazz during a scuffle for a loose ball. Korver is an Ashton Kutcher look alike - a white boy next door - and a former 76er. Korver and Evans were teammates last season for a two month stretch before Korver was traded.

Evans, laughing at himself a little bit for losing a loose ball to the smaller Korver, said something crude to his former teammate and slapped him on the butt as they were both running back down court.

The white referee saw that and immediately called a technical foul against Evans.

Look, I found video:

Not included in that video is another interaction between Korver and Evans that occurred shortly thereafter in which Evans went over and shook Korver's hand just to make sure that he hadn't also misinterpreted the friendly gesture.

The local Sixers TV analysts, with very little to talk about in the blowout, later highlighted the penalty against Evans as the "call of the game." Again, the event was of little consequence. I'm sure the referee would admit that there had just been a misunderstanding and he had missed the call.

But I tend to notice this kind of thing.

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E.J. said...

Unlike the ref, you made a good call on both of these things while the ref and the T-P would be hard pressed to even figure out the relation between the two incidents.