Monday, December 29, 2008

Mary Landrieu, Call James Webb

This is exactly the type of "risk" our recently reelected Senator should be taking. GOP hegemony on all issues related to crime, law, and order is dependent upon linguistic device - not policy.

Louisiana's criminal justice system is beyond broken. Forging a path to addressing some of the problems would be Mary Landrieu's greatest accomplishment as an elected official.

As a conservative Democrat, Mary Landrieu could do a lot to 'mainstream' criminal justice reform.

Not only does she have the seniority and centrist gravitas to be listened to by red state colleagues wary of the political risks of advocating for CJ reform, but she'd be well-positioned to earn credit for any successes that come down the road.

With six whole years before her next reelection campaign, she has enough political capital to invest in actual progress. I can't think of a better issue on which to take an unexpectedly bold stance.

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