Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Renew-Restore-Reopen Charity Hospital

No to the LSU/VA plan to demolish Lower Mid City.

Protest tomorrow.

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

433 Bolivar St., the LSU Administrative Office Building

From the Committee to Reopen Charity:

LSU's action in shutting down Charity Hospital after Hurricane Katrina amounted to a crime against the people of metro New Orleans. LSU's latest proposal to destroy people's homes in Lower Mid City - when the city has yet to recover from the 2005 storm and break in the levees - amounts to a crime against humanity.

In the same vein, Mayor Ray Nagin and the City Council can't even balance the budget and yet-despite the sorry state of the city's recovery-they propose to destroy homes in Lower Mid City.

And President George W. Bush and the VA, in one last, mad effort to stab the metro area in the back again, propose to destroy the homes of hard-working people rather than build in an area where not one home would face the wrecking ball.

For a rational and sane policy,
For rehabbing the Rev. Avery C. Alexander Charity Hospital along the lines of the RMJM Hillier Report,
For saving Lower Mid City,

Come out and demonstrate at LSU's admin offices on Bolivar St.


City Council and the Mayor will come to an agreement sometime this week to allocate $79 million of this year's budget, amidst cross the board service cuts, to purchase properties in the LSU/VA footprint.


Anonymous said...

The protest should be moved to City Hall to coincide with the City Council's special meeting on the budget, which is scheduled for 2pm.

E said...

I made an effort to suggest that. Apparently, it's not in the cards.