Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ass Backwards

Those arguing against the auto industry loan are losing me. The rationale for inaction seems far flimsier than that for intervention.

I don't see how Hooverite do-nothingness stops the job loss.

I mean, even NPR just cut 7% of it's workforce. If someone as brilliant as Farai Chideya is losing her job, what hope do I have of finding one myself?

And given that we dropped $700 billion without really blinking, why all the sudden hangups on this $15 billion?

Don't tell me Cao's election signals a national mandate for laissez-faire crisis management.
I'd venture to say that New Orleans isn't really such a big fan of that.

David Vitter's impassioned resurrection of Herbert Hoover's economic recovery policy makes no sense.

And if he thinks this will win him brownie points with voters for his reelection campaign, perhaps he might first want to readjust his vocabulary.


Schroeder said...

They have too many whiny, suburbia-panderers over at NPR anyway. Maybe this increases your chances -- unless you're another whiny suburbia-panderer. Try under-aspirating your vocal cords to just the point where they start to creak and whine, and you'll have it down. Imagine you spent a year in London, too, and that you really can't shake the accent you picked up, so that you can inflect your voice in a prudish theatrical way. That should help your prospects immeasurably.

Puddinhead said...

Dude, it's all about breaking the union. That's like ingrained at their DNA level, and they can't NOT take a shot when they think they see an opening.