Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama, Cities, and This City

It's funny what happens when you elect a rational forward-thinking former community organizer to be President of the United States of America.

You get good ideas

If you haven't started thinking about how the Obama administration can help the Gulf Coast to recover, well now is time to imagine and advocate.

Harry Shearer wants Colin Powell to be named next Gulf Coast Recovery Czar in some sort of fantastical redemption role play.

Please drop a line, I'd like to read what everyone else:

1. Desires in a best case scenario for cities and for New Orleans
2. Envisions more realistically

I'll add thoughts after several more cups of coffee


Editilla said...

Of course after the Commander in Chief either fires the entire command structure of the Corps of Engineers (or redeploys them against, like, maybe our enemies?), open up a Dutch Consulate in NOLA and finally get ourselves some real, hotty, state of the art Flood Control / Wetlands Systems...

Obama institutes the National Rail Transit Initiative (I made that name up:) as a major fulcrum/leg to rebuilding the country's infrastructure.
This would mean a totally integrated coast-to-coast, north-south spread of independent, dedicated track for High Speed Rail, interstate intercity intergoddamnconnected
And of course this operation should be located HQ in New Orleans or at the least BR.
The other major HQs being Chicago, NYC, Dallas etc... but the Big Honcho would be in New Orleans with this ULTRA COOL Coastal high speed rail system all along the Gulf going in and out of NOLA! YES?

So the short run:
National Passenger Rail System
Southern HQHUB NOLA.
Whadd'yaz t'ink?
Long run???

Editilla said...

sorry fo'da multiple comment thingy but First Draft did an excellent piece that described yet another thing I like about (Obama) smart, urbane presidents that we haven't seen since Kennedy: