Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Hate Joe Lieberman

But removing him as head of the Homeland Security and Government Reform Committee does not represent a punishment. It's a governance decision. He's subscribes to a repudiated foreign policy ideology that does not square with that of the new administration. He never once held hearings to investigate how the Bush administration handled 'government reform.' He should stand down and let someone more effective take the job.

I'm with Obama, I don't think it makes sense to just boot this guy from the whole caucus. That seems asinine.

But he can't keep that committee chairman ship. He certainly can't hold us ransom for it.

He can stay in the caucus if he wants but he's got to give something to get something. That's what compromise is.

And if he can't handle that then I say good riddance.

Schlep on over to the fundagelicals and see how they treat you.

Call Your Senators NOW

Lieberman update:

Whenever I hear him talk, his voice... it sounds like he's gargling a spoonful of bitters and trying to force words out from around the back of whichever cheek or air pocket he's hiding the bitters. And because the bitters is so, well, bitter, he's tearing up a little bit.

Lieberman update:

Obama's on the loose and he's not holding grudges.

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