Thursday, November 20, 2008

HANO Destroys More Houses

Sad article.

The list of 500 properties includes more than 50 units at HANO's Christopher Park development on the West Bank, another 50 at the Press Park development in the Desire area, dozens in Gentilly and in the Irish Channel, and hundreds in eastern sections of the city and in the Lower 9th Ward.

The targeted properties have been untouched since Katrina, despite Walker-Woodfork's personal campaign for a restoration program. For at least the past year, Walker-Woodfork has addressed the HANO board at each monthly meeting with a list of scattered-site addresses in her hand.

"Can you tell me when Imperial Drive will be rebuilt?" she would ask. And she would similarly ask for information about plans for Dale Homes, Painters-Lesseps and other residential developments in the HANO inventory.

Once, the board chair told her that she'd asked the exact same questions the previous month.

Walker-Woodfork said that she was asking the same questions because she "never got any answers."

On Wednesday, Walker-Woodfork said she and other residents had met with HANO before the board meeting and had seen the list of homes to be demolished. She was glad to at least know something about the fate of the properties, after three years of asking questions.

But she still has no repair timetable for the remaining scattered-site inventory, saying she has only heard of plans for repairs to about 40 apartments.

Stall, stall, stall, then demolish, then come up with a plan to house people.


jeffrey said...

"HANO's one-woman board, Diane Johnson, approved the agenda item without discussion"

Well at least she's not talking to herself.

E said...

Pay no attention to the Alphonso Jackson behind the curtain!

Sophmom said...

I had that same thought, Jeffrey. Eli, I came here via googling "Christopher Park housing units hano" upon seeing the RFP. :/