Monday, October 06, 2008

The Sleaze Rubs Elbows With The Most Dangerous Man in America

Remember that time a major Hurricane devastated Steve Scalise's community and the Vice President spent the whole time on vacation in Wyoming and house shopping on the Chesapeake and then manipulated a tax loophole created to encourage donations to Katrina relief charities to lower his own personal obligation to fund the troops even though his contributions went to non-Katrina causes?

Water under the bridge, apparently!

Today, future ex-congressman Steve "the sleaze" Scalise held a private fundraising lunch at one of the city's most exclusive restaurants. A thousand bucks to get in, $2,300 to take a picture. No media allowed.

Was eugenics proponent and prominent Scalise-backer John LaBruzzo there too?

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Leigh C. said...

As Chris Rock said, vote for the man with ONE house!