Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Disgraced LaBruzzo Stripped of Committee Chair, Scalise Still Proud To Call Him A Supporter

From the T-P:

In making the change, House Speaker Jim Tucker, R-Algiers, said the Legislature "will undertake the enormous and difficult task of reforming health care in Louisiana in the next several months. Some of the comments made by Rep. LaBruzzo recently have impeded his abilities to help lead critical health-care reform and be an effective member of our leadership team."

See, even the GOP reason for the removal was indeed his Nazi-esque eugenics proposal. They didn't even do him the charity of allowing him to "step down" on his own cliche desire to spend more time with his family or work on other projects. And it would appear that the move came as much as a result of the request of the Jindal administration as it did the Legislative Black Caucus. This might be the only time I applaud anything to come out of Jindal chief of staff Timmy Teepell's mouth:

“We have a lot of important work to do and it (LaBruzzo’s idea) was a distraction,” said Teepell, who said he had talked to Tucker about the situation last week.

Asked whether he sought LaBruzzo’s ouster, Teepell said, “I’m not going to go into details of a private conversation.”

Teepell earlier said LaBruzzo’s sterilization idea was “a non-starter” and “absurd.”

So it would appear that the state of Louisiana might be demonstrating some basic maturity here. It is now absolute consensus that John LaBruzzo's eugenics bill represents an embarrassment to the entire body politic.


Actually there's one high level conservative leader in the state of Louisiana who has maintained an eerie silence about the whole thing.

His name is Steve Scalise and he's running for reelection to Congress. In what is amongst the most conservative districts in the country, a supposed cakewalk for an incumbent Republican, Steve Scalise is bleeding in the polls against the uber-qualified Jim Harlan. He's also struggling badly in terms of campaign cash, which is why he was forced to hold a swanky downtown fundraiser with the Walking Undisclosed Location.

John LaBruzzo has already given Scalise close to $1000 for this election cycle and the Congressman continues to tout Rep. LaBruzzo's endorsement on his campaign website.

Steve Scalise the man would, I'm so sure, ordinarily have no issues with denouncing eugenics and racism. But this year, Steve Scalise the failed Congressman and flailing candidate literally can't afford to send back LaBruzzo's checks. Perhaps more despicably, neither can Scalise afford to alienate his racist electoral base.


jeffrey said...

Somehow I don't think associating himself with Labruzzo will be harmful to Scalise in District 1.

G Bitch said...

No, it won't. This is District 1 we're talking about.

Desperation makes for unclean bedfellows.

E said...

I don't think it's a yes or no. I think it's actually a very tough call for Scalise to make. I think he would lose SOME voters by not disassociating himself - if Harlan makes it a campaign issues. Scalise might lose MORE voters by making the decision to send back LaBruzzo's checks but it's not so so so crystal clear and there's votes to lose either route he takes - which is why I'm happy to keep pressing the matter. Ya dig?

Anonymous said...

I do not know why this was framed as a racial issue.

If the poor are paid to have children why is it so bad to pay them 1/100th as much to not have children.

His proposal was for a voluntary program not mandatory. Isn't firing him without a study on the matter a bit of an overreaction. In all due reality tho program may have achieved the problem.

FYI: I am not racist. I have 7 siblings. We grew up on welfare. 3 are currently not on welfare and 4 are. I have 17 nephews/nieces 14 of which are on welfare. Statistically this type of generational dependence on welfare is not uncommon.