Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pain is bearing witness to the Nagin administration's endless failures

Judge Martin Feldman says that the Nagin administration considers Tracie Washington and other engaged citizens to be a "pain in the behind."

But I'd say it's citizens that think the Nagin administration is a pain - and not just that of a thorn's prick.

I mean, they're tearing down people's homes in a seemingly arbitrary fashion without providing the necessary notification that would allow for appeal while other abandoned properties grow into increasing threats to public health.

That ain't no measly boo-boo. That's much closer to severed limb if we're grading on the pain scale.

Here's what Karen Gadbois has to say today:

Of course I beg to differ the City cry’s “this is hard” as an excuse for everything. They have handed over the process to a demolition contractor who would seem to have a conflict of interest.

The Demolition policy or lack there of is just a reinforcement of the disinvestment in the City that the leadership seems to embrace. I see no one in the Mayor’s office or the Office of Dr. Ed Blakley discussing what we can do to repopulate and reinvigorate the City, instead we have an ad hoc policy of incompetence and ignorance.

Here, here. Go read the rest.

Is there another city or town in America that allows accidental home demolitions?

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