Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do 83% of White People in Louisiana Really Think We're On the Right Track?

It can't be true that only 17% of white folks in Louisiana support Barack Obama, can it?

In my humble opinion, there's only one way to make sure that it isn't.

If you know five white people in the state of Louisiana, then you have five people to convince to vote for Obama by this Tuesday.

This is indeed a call to action.

Convince five of your white friends to vote for Barack Obama.

It is a conversation worth having, however you choose to communicate. You can send word by carrier pigeon if you want, just spread the message.

If you care about affordable health care, protecting the environment, creating middle class jobs, a sane foreign policy, and rebuilding our region then you're with Barack Obama on the issues that matter most and must have the courage to pull the lever for him on Tuesday.

Based on early voter turnout and projections for next week, we don't have to convince every single white person in the state to reevaluate their position. If a mere 25% of white people in Louisiana vote for Barack Obama, then our state is very much in play.

So talk to five of your white friends. If they already support Obama, tell them to talk to five of their friends.

If they don't yet support Barack Obama for President, have a conversation with them. Explain why this election matters, listen to their concerns, and find common ground.

Call your mom on the North Shore. Text your coworker in Kenner. Email your old college roommate from Shreveport.

Make it happen! Get them to the polls on Tuesday to vote for Barack Obama.

Don't let the poll porn lull you into thinking Louisiana doesn't matter in this election. Act locally!


Anonymous said...

And how many of them think we're on the wrong track because we haven't bombed Iran, invaded Syria, frog marched the librul media into Gitmo, and cut off the cash to those lazy good-for-nothing so called poor, put peoples retirement into the people's (wall streets) hands instead of the gov'ment ponzi scheme of Social Security?

E said...

I actually think it's just a disturbingly significant minority, not a full majority.