Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Last Hurdle

With less than six days until we elect Barack Obama President, my greatest fear is not that the Democrats will find some way to lose.

It's that Republicans will find some way to steal.

I do not worry about last minute campaign ads or even a multi-platinum release from OBL. Barack Obama's support is solid enough to win the election without the somehow-still-undecideds right now. The movement turnout machine is enormous, organized, and motivated. John McCain's campaign does not boast significant enough ground game resources.

But when I see a West Virginia election official awkwardly explaining how it's normal for poorly calibrated voting machines to switch votes from Obama to Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin...

...I can't help but get a little nervous. At least West Virginia voting booths produce a paper trail.

Now do I actually think that this election will yield invalid results as a result of widespread voter suppression? No.

But I do think it's the most important thing to monitor over the next six days.

Take a camera into the voting booth with you. Watch your neighborhoods for misleading fliers that lie about polling locations or poll times. Monitor your phone lines for misleading robo-calls.

If you sense something fishy, speak up. Loudly.

Just in case this thing is much closer than anticipated and malfunctions swing the election, it will prove helpful to have instances of suppression already collected.

Check out:

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In Louisiana, the biggest threat to a fair vote appears to be registration purges by Republican Secretary of State Jay Dardenne. See the T-P today. Remember, if you've been purged or know someone that has been purged - you have the right to fill out a provisional ballot. Do not be turned away if you believe you are registered.

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