Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are They Stupid Or Do They Think We're Stupid?

I'm so confused by what's going on between Blakely, his bottle of wine, and his boss.

First, Blakely takes a new consultant job in Dubai. Then he says he misses his family and is considering leaving New Orleans. Then Ray Nagin says that Blakely is likely not going anywhere and was drunk when he suggested otherwise. Then Ray Nagin proposes a budget that writes Ed Blakely's office out of existence.

In that move to a construction-heavy phase, Nagin proposes abolishing the Office of Recovery and Development Administration in June 2009, although he mentioned nothing regarding ORDA Director Ed Blakely’s position or tenure with the city.

“I want to remind you that when we proposed the office, we said it would not be a permanent fixture in city government,” Nagin told council members.

So he's staying?

It's like some perverted Nagin-speak Abbott and Costello routine.

I think he's leaving, but who the hell cares anymore?

Forget rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic metaphor. This is more like crashing a parked '95 Saturn coupe into another parked '95 Saturn wagon.

Confused? Me too.

From the AP:

Nagin said, "I don't think this recovery would be where it is today without his great work."

Nagin, who last year said 2008 would be a tipping point in the city's recovery, said Monday he got it right: "We've tipped."

Yeah, a solid fifteen percent of the way. High fives all around!

Or was Nagin talking wine as well?


jeffrey said...

Whoah! Hey!

I knew there was a punch line somewhere in that "we've tipped" quote. Well done.

adrastos said...

Yes and yes.