Thursday, October 02, 2008

District 02: Empty Suits or Worse

I agree with everything adrastos says in this post.

I was disappointed with the choice of candidates when this election started but I thought that someone would step up and say the right things. I thought someone would step up and make a play for progressive voters.

Nobody went after Jefferson, who is clearly amongst the front-runners. Why not?


I'm most disappointed in James Carter's campaign. He has had so many chances to fight for the citizens of this city this summer alone but has mostly sat on the sidelines. When James Carter had a chance to steal the spotlight and demand answers from the Mayor or from Ed Blakely during the NOAH scandal, Councilman Carter took a pass. When he had a chance to make a public stand against the Mayor's tiered reentry policy for Gustav, Councilman Carter took a pass. When the opportunity arose to get answers from the Mayor over his executive order suspending NCDC, Councilman Carter took a pass.

And now Councilman Carter continues to refuse to challenge the obviously broken demolition process. How many more mistaken demolition lawsuits does the city need to be hit with before Councilman Carter stops giving safety and permits the benefit of the doubt?

I have been trying to support him this whole time. I wanted an excuse to endorse him. Anything at all. Just one fiery rant to the paper on which to base it. Just one. My belief was that he was the least objectionable candidate of those with any chance to prevent a disastrous Moreno-Jefferson result on Saturday. But he never did anything to help the medicine go down. He did nothing.

So I cannot and will not endorse him.

Sorry, Councilman Carter. I was open-minded for as long as I could be. You blew it.

So where does that leave me for Saturday?

I think I'll be voting write-in for myself.

Someone please change my mind.


Schroeder said...

Go for the other Carter, or Richmond.

I'm voting for Richmond. I don't see the Jefferson association via Ike Spears as anything more than stealing Jefferson's support. I don't see any evidence to the contrary.

E said...

I dunno Schroeder. Would maybe we be better off reelecting Jefferson and hoping for a guilty verdict?

I'd rather not get stuck with several terms of any of the alternatives.

southern leftist said...

i love fiery rants. but in my opinion they aren't a good reason to vote for someone. cedric is a jefferson protege. in congress he'll probably be more like a harold ford. but his connections to sherman copelin, ike spears, and bill jefferson make him unacceptable. james carter is the best choice in the race.

Civitch said...

James Carter is the best option. I agree that he should have been more forceful on those issues you mentioned, but politically, he's had to walk a very fine line on the council. Basically, he's been the bridge between the black and white "sides" of the council. The Cynthias look to him on how to vote on highly charged issues. So if he had gone the other way on the IG's office, or on the Master Plan, they still would have passed, but they'd be racially tinged issues. This is a political reality.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Troy Carter cannot be trusted. He was corrupt when on the City Council. Please do not vote for him.

E said...

No, Carter is not the best choice. He might not be the least objectionable candidate running but that doesn't make him the best choice. If we elect Carter this time, we might be stuck with his spineless 'teamsmanship' for several terms. Might the 'best choice' actually be to abstain and hope for a Jefferson reelection because we'll have another shot at recruiting a legitimate replacement once he's found guilty?

E said...


If Carter holds THAT much sway over CWL and CHM, why isn't he using it for good? Why isn't he throwing his weight around to get positive things done? Where is he on illegal demolitions? Where does he stand? There is no explanation for his cowardice other than some bizarre irrational fear of retribution from the no-longer-existent Nagin machine.

jeffrey said...

I've basically made up my mind to vote for Jefferson. He still votes pro-labor most of the time. He voted against the bailout bill. None of these other punks deserves the seat. Plus I don't think Dollar Bill is going to jail and I do see a light at the end of the tunnel for someone with his experience and (restored) seniority in a more solidly Dem Congress... possibly with a Dem administration. Local labor has stuck with him through all of this. If he comes out of it ok, those who have stuck with him stand to benefit.

Civitch said...

My guess is that James Carter has a certain amount of personal discomfort about siding with his white colleagues so much of the time, and that that hampers him in this case.

I can't and won't defend his lack of concern about the demolitions or the other issues where he's failed to show leadership.

He's not the ideal candidate, but he's the best candidate.

E said...

You know, I thought of this also in my various attempts to justify voting for him. I really wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and I do indeed respect a healthy skepticism of any and every thing white people propose in this town, you know, given the record.

But if this were the case, where was his NO vote on the public housing demolition? Where is his bill to raise the minimum wage? Where are the rebukes of Nagin's disastrous economic policy?

Maybe I'm missing something.

oyster said...

"I don't think Dollar Bill is going to jail"

He's going down, you can betch your last frozen dollar on that one.

E said...

So then wouldn't his reelection almost represent a best case scenario, since we'll have another opportunity at electing a progressive once he vacates the office for prison?

Ray said...

So then wouldn't his reelection almost represent a best case scenario, since we'll have another opportunity at electing a progressive once he vacates the office for prison?

We said that two years ago, but here we are again.

E said...

That's a very good point Ray.