Friday, October 03, 2008

Election Day



01 - Jim Harlan

02 - Abstention

Orleans Parish School Board:

This is the front line of progressive change in New Orleans. You must vote for Percy Marchand in District 06 and it is imperative to defeat Brett Bonin in District 03. I prefer Amy LaFont because she knows more about the school systems than anybody in the city but Davin Boldissar is also a strong candidate. I wish they weren't running in the same district.

District 01 - No Pick

District 02 - David Durand

District 03 - Amy LaFont

District 04 - Camacia Smith-Ross

District 05 - Avis Brock

District 06 - Percy Marchand

District Attorney - No Pick


1. Permanent funding for the Inspector General's office: FOR
2. However many millions for Marlin Gussman's jails: AGAINST
(I have no clue how he was able to spring this onto the ballot so quickly. I know the jails are in terrible condition but I have no idea where this money is actually going. As an informed citizen, I can't vote for something that I know so little about. If someone knows something about what's up with this let me know. I'm flexible.)

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