Monday, September 29, 2008

Tipping Point

In advance of the ball dropping to 2008, Mayor Nagin announced that this would be "the tipping point" for our city's recovery.

He was right.

And things are not going very well.

And everybody knows it.

The City is demolishing houses wholesale with no review and no appeal. A demolition permit has been issued for a home belonging to a regular critic of the Mayor's regressive recovery policy. This woman barely staved off the wrecking ball after crews could not get to her house due to the dumpster she is renting while she renovates.

The School Board is prepared to blindly rubber stamp a facilities master plan that will reduce the capacity of the public school infrastructure for decades, squandering over a billion dollars on a few suburban style campuses.

Entergy is moving forward with a plan to eliminate a system agreement that will have the effect of sending our utility costs even further through the roof.

The Mayor's home remediation program, from NOAH, to help senior citizens was nothing more than a criminal racket that is now under federal investigation.

The Mayor's crime camera initiative was also nothing more than a racket used to funnel undisclosed sums of cash to a friend.

The entire recovery seems to have been narrowly staked on the health of the condo market and its ability to attract wealthy tax payers. The condo market is crashing, merely catching up to well foreseen national real estate trends.

Everyone I know is or has been sick in the three or four weeks since Gustav.

There are no tourists in town and with the national economy free falling, the service industry has had a difficult few weeks. At least those of us that don't make $70k per year.

One coworker is packing up his stuff and will be out of here by the end of the week.

My landlord just told me a few hours ago that he too will be jumping ship; he's put the house up for sale and hopes to move away. (Not that anybody's looking to buy home to move to New Orleans, he joked. Sadly.)

The most energetic advocates for a progressive recovery are growing weary and depressed.

I wish that were all. I wish that were all for the last 7 days.

The tipping point. It's funny because I'm reaching mine too.


Clay said...

Hang in there. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

New Orleans Ladder said...

If we don't get this bastad out of office now, then he will run for higher office later --and win!

If anything, we need to have him removed to save our remaining housing stock before he is allowed (paid well in fact) to demolish all of it.

He needs to go Now!
Recalled. Hauled down the street or whateva.

If we do not get him now then he will continue to get us.

This has been funny at times --but now the humor is all gone and Ray Nagin has become a Threat to Security and Recovery.

Ray Nagin Must Go Now!

jeffrey said...

On the other hand... my mom is taking early retirement from the Nashville exile and my folks are building a new house in the Irish Channel.

Summer is over. Hurricane season is (practically) over. Deuce is back.

And Sarah Palin is still stupid.

Hang in there.

swampwoman said...

You can always move across the border to Jefferson Parish. Close enough, but not that close ;)