Monday, September 08, 2008

Senate Bill No. Whatever It Takes

Hopefully Senators Mary Landrieu and Barack Obama will be introducing Bill No. 0001 to the Senate floor as soon as that body is back in session. Essentially the bill articulates and provides funding for an immediate national service program that will provide a free college education or something like that to thousands of super awesome Americans to come down to the Gulf Coast and do three things: construct some impenetrable levees, restore some hurricane-blunting wetlands, and rebuild some affordable housing stock...

On the house side, even political opposites like Steve Scalise and Charlie Melancon agree that it's time to act.

Rep. Charlie Melancon, D-Napoleonville, agreed with Scalise and Landrieu that the flood threats posed by Gustav -- even though critical levees generally held firm -- will help persuade some in Congress to increase levee financing beyond what is already committed.

"The leadership of Congress -- especially Speaker Pelosi and Whip (James) Clyburn -- has shown tremendous compassion and commitment to our recovery from Hurricane Katrina and Rita, and I'm sure the support will only increase now that we've weathered Gustav," Melancon said.

Everybody wins!
Everybody can take credit!

You know, I have to agree with Oyster and Pistolette about Jindal's leadership. He was indeed competent and I appreciated his level of engagement with the details of the evacuation.

But what impressed me most was his constant reiteration of the national security risks posed by structurally unsound levees and depleted wetlands in SE Louisiana. He has called for immediate federal assistance and as a fast-rising leader within the GOP, he has some juice he can leverage to get this done.

We disagree about a lot of stuff related to our recovery process in Louisiana but everyone agrees that we can't survive without levees and wetlands. So everyone should get on board and do something about it - and I'm not just talking about emergency Gustav money. We need a long term solution, we have bipartisan consensus on levees and wetlands - so let's get it done.

Where do we start?


Leigh C. said...

In terms of emphasis on the importance of levee maintenance and wetlands, i think we oughta start here:

Superdeformed said...

"Where do we start?"

1. Wait for Bush to get out of office.

2. Pester the new President until a strong, bi-partisan, and fully-funded plan in unleashed.

3. ???

4. Profit