Thursday, September 18, 2008

School Facilities Master Plan Public Hearing

TONIGHT: 5:30 PM Orleans Parish School Board Meeting

McDonough 35 at 1331 Kerelec St.

The public comment period has been extended due to Gustav until October 1st.

BESE and OPSB have planned votes on the master plan a few weeks after that.

Sadly, I will not be attending tonight's meeting because of work. I will, however, soon have an official comment for the record completed shortly.

But everyone that can make it should go. The BESE board is likely to rubber stamp the master plan. The best chance we have to turn back this document or have it drastically modified is to exercise influence over the Orleans Parish School Board.

If you do go, please try to keep a detailed account of what is said by each OPSB member.

Here is my initial post after the release of the master plan.

Here is one on operator bias and the master plan.

Here is my most recent piece from right before evacuation.

UPDATE: My bad guys, I ta-ta-totally forgot to mention that everyone can go 'on the record' with their thoughts on the master plan by emailing them to

When you do, might as well make sure to cc some witnesses.


Leigh C. said...

Don't forget the email for the RSD:

There is also a more detailed article on district meetings for public comments in today's paper:

No way you can clone yourself, eh?


E said...

Oh snap. Forgot that ish.

I'll post that right away.

I noticed the T-P notice as well. I'm very glad they did that. To my knowledge, the RSD did not email blast this meeting like they have for others in the past and I doubt they put forth a press release highlighting the meeting. Did the T-P dig this up and publish it as a public service? Maybe they did.

As for cloning myself, I'm working on it. I need another me to remember to buy groceries and renew brake tags.

In the meantime, we need to act as each other's clones, don't we?