Monday, August 25, 2008

Real Quick on Rising Tide III

I thought it was excellent. It will continue to grow and that's very exciting.

I'd like to thank the event organizers for volunteering their free time to put it together.

I'm also grateful to have been included on the journalism panel.

I don't remember a single thing I said and I hope I didn't embarrass myself by saying something really stupid or mindlessly picking my nose.

I've been digesting everyone's post conference recaps and thoughts and really don't have too much to add at this time.

I'll just raise a few small points.

1. It was an absolute pleasure to meet many of my blogger friends face-to-face for the first time. There are a number of people that I wanted to meet but didn't have the chance. I think it is critical that we increase in-the-flesh interactions as we move forward, particularly for those that blog in support of progressive political reform.

2. The panels were all very thought-provoking. I don't think panels need to necessarily be adversarial, particularly ground-breaking, or especially choreographed. The panels, as they were, allowed informed speakers to riff on different topics and off each other in a general sense. The whole point of a panel discussion is to inspire the interesting conversations, digressions, and extrapolations that ultimately occur afterward. In the future, I'd like to have more time for questions. I'd suggest a format where questions from the audience are integrated in over the course of the panel and not just left to the end.

3. For the future, there are certainly some changes I'd like to see but none of them get in the way of my much more intense desire to see the conference grow no matter the form. What occurred on Saturday was a huge boon to our entire community, regardless of all the little things that may need to be adjusted in the future. (I would especially like to see breakout sessions/caucuses. Maybe next year we can do two shorter days of conferencing. Whatever, we have plenty of time.)


Pistolette said...

I thought it was a very productive and energizing event, and I'm glad I attended. Sorry I didn't get to meet you. Every time I tried you were surrounded ;-) Perhaps the bloggers can do a few casual meet-ups during the year, just to toss around ideas, and have fun.

E said...

I give Pistolette's idea my 100% approval.

Tim said...

Good seeing you there, too, e-man.

Every year it just gets better and better!



charlotte said...

I'm so bummed I didn't get to meet you. You were on my short list of bloggers to meet...maybe next year. I really enjoyed you on the panel and thank the goddess you weren't the one who made that lame-ass joke while Jeffrey had his brain fart. :)