Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Democrat in Name Only: Ray Nagin's Right Wing Recovery

This week, George W. Bush went out of his way during what will likely be his last appearance in the New Orleans area before he is finally out of office:

I'm also proud to be here with the Mayor of this great city. The Mayor and I have had some quality time. (Laughter.) We have come to know each other. I remember when I first flew down here, there was the Mayor at the end of the steps of Air Force One. I said, "How you doing, Mayor?" He said, "I'm hungry and I haven't had a bath." I said to the steward on Air Force One, "Fix the man up with a meal, and turn on the hot water in the shower."

And I appreciate you, Mayor. I appreciate the fact that you decided to run for office again. You said to the people of this part of the world, there is unfinished business and I intend to be a part of the finished business. And the people listened, they put you back in office, and I'm proud to be with you, Ray. Thanks for coming.

The Mayor is finishing the business of dismantling whatever public assets, public facilities, and public trust that Katrina was so kind as to leave behind. And George Bush thanks him for that.


Editilla said...

Nagin Sssschmagin. Yesterdays bad news.
Despite that rather fine showing fo'da Tide,
you on the other hand have competition:
Sorry, E. Love the blog and everything but when it comes to nut cutting...who ya'gonna call?


E said...

That's an incredible link.

Editilla said...

Well, t'ank you fury mush, Noble E. I hope you enjoyed the news.
I still see no stronger challenger.
We shall not mention his name as yet for that may cause him to come sooner than later. Ewe, E!

But of course you already have my vote when Baby Head Nagin finally hits da'crib.

and btw- from the blog'sphere I followed in awe as the Tide came and went. Really rockin'show no lie. Y'all did a great thing...again.
Thank you.