Sunday, August 10, 2008

No Worse Way to Start Sunday Morning

Not only did he fail to mention yours truly for being the first to disclose the bamboo-derived fabrics element of this whole NOAH fracas but I had to read through a graphic description of Chris Rose's underwear acquisition process to find out.


I have been very content to stick to my supporting role on this NOAH script but the Him Store was my moment. MY MOMENT TO SHINE! Chris Rose you bastard. Jeffrey help, you've been slighted yourself.


Anonymous said...

you been robbed!

Leigh C. said...

Nothin' to do but cover your booty in bamboo...or slap Chris Rose silly with it.


when the crappy paper hit the front lawn this morning and i unfolded it on the porch with my morning cig and coffee the first thing i thought was wow the book man is gonna be pissed.

i apologize for not remembering your part in this chapter of the expose.

rose is a douche for not giving yall props and im not buying the my editors did it defense.

Anonymous said... for tech news

jeffrey said...

It seems fair game for anyone to joke about, if you ask me.