Friday, July 25, 2008

NOAH Devolves to Adam and Eve

This post is about the shame of nudity and low hanging fruit.

We live in a google world now. People are going to have to realize that.

Stick with me, I'll take you on a tour.

First, let's dial up WCBF's informal and ever-growing list of NOAH contractors. Let's take, say, Parish-Dubuclet Services Inc., which is in good standing and registered to 2241 Bayou Rd. The director of Parish-Dubuclet is named Trellis Smith.

Now let's search for Trellis Smith.

Low Hanging Fruit

Mr. Smith is the founder/ceo/important guy at EC Advertising, located conveniently next door to his contracting firm at 2239 Bayou Rd.

EC Advertising, in March, issued a press release (link to HTML version of pdf original) touting a new hire: Amelia Dawson, former "intake analyst" for NOAH.

This is EC Advertising's staff page. There is one particular employee that caught my attention:

Senior Account Executive

Of course, Stacey Jackson is the former executive director of NOAH. She left her post in June just days before WCBF began its inquiry into the agency's work.

So that's like pretty much how You Could Be Famous. Just google it.

The Shame of Nudity

So with all those ripe ones ready to be picked, what is a guy like me to do? Should I partake?

Would doing so bring me a wisdom that maybe I can't handle? Maybe by indulging my temptation to tear into these juicy gifts from nature, I'd merely come to experience a deep shame. Will learning just how NOAH operated merely leave me feeling as curious as I did when I first started? Just how serious is this?

I am just one man, just one citizen. I feel... naked.

How can I cover my new-found feelings of vulnerability?


I need men's underwear and I need it now.

I need... The Him Store.

According to the Gambit's website (believe it David), a piece called "Bambooty" explains that the Him Store opened on Canal St. in October of 2007 and is planning an aggressive expansion.

It is co-owned by Trellis Smith and Stacey Jackson.

If you're interested in opening your own franchise of the Him Store, email Stacey Jackson by clicking the link provided on this page.

*This post was redacted earlier today but has been already been proliferated locally via links. Sorry NOAH.


New Orleans Ladder said...

Oh you are one rockin'somnominabishe!
Yeha Googlin is kinda like Mac'n'Cheese ...anybody can make Mac'n'Cheese, it's everywhere, just rip it and go. But it takes ya'mammy aunte over on Durbaney to make it right, creamy, cheesy, wit'a crust that would make a Frenchman cry.
Sorry, it's late and Editilla is just a biiiit loaded. Point is...
But hey...I Google. You Goggle AND Blog...there is a difference. I just scream about their tire treads on my foot, while Y'all actually chase down and catch these motherfuckers--with Style For Him no less! Ha! Himstyle! Beautiful! I am lost in Freudian-Korzibsky-Klein bottle. (Actually it's Bourbon:) Goddamn truth is always funnier than fiction. Ha!
Way to go, Noble E. I look'n'learn. Bow to'da masta...Bingoes, all'dat boo'rah.

jeffrey said...

Okay [chuckle] wait... catching breath...

Please can someone provide a dollar amount for the contract between NOAH and Parish-Dubuclet? (Or any of the contractors for that matter... but obviously this is a fun one to ask about)

jeffrey said...

DAMMIT This is taking the question of NOAH knowns and unknown NOAHs too freaking far in my opinon.

Editilla said...

Holy Big Teasy, Batman!
We wait O'E.
We wait...
breathing apparatuses.

But please bear in mind though there is only one computer on this ward--and it gets locked up during group, meds and story time...
Ooooops...been spotted gotta go.

Editilla said...

Aaarrrggggnnnnn... ...need...more...knowns!

Angele said...

Breathtaking. Simply breathtaking. All you needed was google.

No wonder there's been so many angry cries against the investigation. From these appearances, looks like it was a free-for-all for lots of folks connected to Ms. Jackson. How ya think she'll ever be able to explain these illicit glimpses of impropriety?

Anonymous said...

Stacey "ring leader" Jackson can't explain it - or if she does, she'll be heading to prison fast !

Anonymous said...

No doubt the US ATTY Office will spend a lot of time with strategies to not screw up the entire case via corruption, incompetence, and how to generally keep the New Orleans "business as usual" factor from corrupting the whole scenario. I'd imagine this is the toughest ongoing problematic matter the Feds deal with in New Orleans !!!

Bottom Line: It's harder than hell to get any thing done right in a City where nearly every thing is done wrong 24/7.