Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Evaluating the School Facilities Master Plan: 2nd Grade

I have the demographic projections informing facilities master plan. The master plan is based specifically on the moderate scenario.

This document has the neighborhood-specific raw data for low, moderate, and high projections.

This document has the general summaries for each scenario.

It is interesting to note how contingent the low and moderate scenarios are on the "notion that affordable housing will not be replaced on a one-for-one basis."


Francine Stock has mapped all the schools to be 'land-banked' or already demolished under the master plan.


Thinking further about the upcoming process...

The master plan needs to be accepted or rejected by BESE and by the OPSB. The clock begins ticking on the 30 day public comment period tomorrow. Mr. Pastorek indicated that while no date has been set for a vote by either BESE or the OPSB, it would most definitely occur sometime this fall. When I heard that I assumed that the statement left some degree of wiggle room in terms of whether or not the OPSB vote would occur before or after the election. This was critical in my mind because 5 of 7 incumbents are not running for reelection and would therefore their decision on this monumental matter would not be accountable to voters. Yet I realized that if the vote is to occur this fall, it will not matter whether or not it occurs before or after the OPSB election because the new OPSB will not officially take office until 2009.

Thus, we cannot count on the OPSB vote to reflect public opinion on the master plan. Unless the RSD and the State Dept. of Education will accept waiting for the new OPSB to be seated all the way in January, the only fair solution is to put approval of the master plan directly to the voters as a ballot referendum.

I'll republish later with more thoughts.


Anonymous said...

perhaps the sitting board can accpet the plan as a recommendation?

E said...

What would the point of a non-binding recommendation really be?

They're trying to move forward with implementation, no?