Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Burrying Blakely

Bush administration New Orleans recovery guy Gen. Douglass O'Dell is now getting specific on the ridiculousness of certain half-baked recovery projects, laying into the proposed overhaul of the criminal justice complex.

Certainly I'm not disagreeing with anything from General O'Dell here:

"It's not grounded in fiscal reality. It's not grounded in prisoner-count reality. It's not what the courts want. It's not want the sheriff wants. It's basically what Ed Blakely wants -- and his architects, " O'Dell said.

"There are facilities that could have been returned to service a year ago in that criminal justice complex, but (haven't been) because the city is stuck on this vision, and as far as they're concerned, it's not only FEMA's statutory obligation, it's their moral obligation to replace this stuff -- that's what I mean by their ethereal vision, " he said.

Gee, O'Dell's arguments about the selfish visions of media-darling "experts" and the backward prioritization of so many recovery projects sound awfully bloggy, don't they?

Yet clearly the General is not flying off the handle. These are prepared remarks, or at least there is a prepared intention behind the remarks. Mayor Nagin is a friend of the Bush administration and will likely not be criticized by Bush-appointee Doug O' Dell.

Good riddance if there is now a movement afoot to force Blakely's resignation. He has been nothing short of an abombination but let's not pretend like rearranging the deck chairs on the S.S. Nagin will make any difference in terms of the ideological framework that drives our unrecovery process. You ain't a sinking ship if you're already sunk.

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