Thursday, July 24, 2008

News and NOAH(ts)

- Today the Times-Picayune stopped ignoring the NOAH story, publishing a brief rundown. The characterization was cautious, sidestepping obvious red flags to focus on a less sinister 'confusion' theme. While this initial approach falls short, I have some confidence that the Times-Picayune is going to be on board as inquiries move forward.


NOAH's official website is kaput.


Two days later, the NOAH site is back up and running.

We've Become A Clearing House For NOAH Info

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Civitch said...

Was Training Connection on any of the previously-supplied lists of contractors provided by NOAH?

startrekchess said...

Your repeated assertion that contractors got paid fails logically in that multiple lists were put forth, one of the "wrong" lists detailing expenditures.

startrekchess said...

Sorry. Signing in to Blogger put my comment through prematurely. To clarify, some contractors surely did get paid, just as some work surely did get done. The issue to be reviewed is the appearance of expenditures upon lists which were later discounted. That is not cronyism.

E said...

I hope the kerfuffle over the lists and how the expenditures were documented really is just incompetent book keeping. I'm afraid it's much more serious than that. I don't think it's even as simple as cronyism.

As long as we can agree that a full investigation of NOAH is appropriate. Certainly there is enough evidence on these measly blogs alone to justify that.