Friday, July 18, 2008

Nagin The Casual Observer

So nice to see the Mayor out on the street with the people after a home collapsed into another home which collapsed into another home.

The initial house that collapsed has been identified as an imminent health threat, as in danger of collapse, and has been slated for demolition for six months. This is fact.

In the WDSU report that Karen links to, Mister Mayor strolls onto the scene and offers his assessment of his administration's failure to hold private contractors accountable for their failure to deliver timely services (or any services at all) for this and other municipal programs:

"I'll be honest with you, I am shocked and surprised that we haven't had more situations like this. . . Maybe this will now force us to look at that process and maybe streamline the historic process also."

Repeat after me: This House Was Cleared For Demolition

The only thing that needs any "streamlining" is the jumbled process in which your advisers are supposed to tell you what is happening in the city you get paid to administer.

WDSU inexplicably lapped up the Mayor's blatant distortion of the historic review process and the obvious deflection of blame from his friends in the world of private contracting to the preservationists that have thankfully saved countless homes from the type of illegal demolitions that the city is now going to pay for in the form of a lawsuit. They repeated the Mayor's blatantly misleading talking point about "streamlining." They also fell short of their responsibility to the public.

Since I am out of town and busy at this conference deal, I'd like reader assistance in tracking how other mainstream media outlets cover the collapse story. Comment here or post to your own blog a critique of WWL, the TP, or whoever else...


alli said...

Nagin was at the Democratic event with Howard Dean today in New Orleans. He stood behind him with James Gray, in front of the bus. I wanted to take him aside and say, "You know that you're hurting Obama's case by showing up here, don't you?" He didn't. What a preening jackass.

E said...

You know, I've been cornering as many people here in Austin as possible to tell them about EXACTLY THAT.


I warned, I tried to warn!

alli said...

New Orleans bloggers: the Cassandras of the netroots.

BTW, I haven't heard any media coverage of the collapse story, other than a boilerplate TP story.