Friday, July 18, 2008

Your Government Failed You: Breaking the Cycle of National Security Disasters

Richard Clarke is speaking right now and just rose a few interesting points in response to a question regarding the defense budget.

He emphasized that the defense budget is independent of funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is submitted to Congress after the fact as emergency spending bills. The defense budget has increased exorbitantly independent of the wars.

Clarke then suggested that the next President would be wise to entertain cuts to the defense budget. He then spoke very candidly about the physical size of our army. Clarke mentioned that both candidates currently favor expanding the size of the military. He, while reiterating his support for Barack Obama in spite of disagreements on some issues, questioned why it was we need to expand our fighting capability.

Clarke buttressed these points by citing defense spending on fighter jet technology to the tune of $1 billion per plane when we already have the most advanced jets in the world by far.

Very smart guy.

Richard Clarke and Rand Beers

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