Sunday, July 06, 2008

Exhausted Blogger Presses Onward

NEW ORLEANS- Some call him the next Jon Stewart, others call him an ideal Mayoral candidate. Yet when reached at his new apartment, Famous blogger E considers himself a regular guy. "I like cold drinks and fireworks just like everybody else," he explains as he reads the Saturday paper, eats a bagel and prepares a paint roller - all while practicing his sword juggling routine.

After an entire three day weekend with absolutely no posts to his increasingly influential website, New Orleans much-hyped 311 service was inundated with calls from concerned readers.

E explained that he's been away from his online duties as he prepares his new living space, a state-of-the-art second floor apartment that art and design critics are salivating over. Now that the bulk of the work has been completed, E's readers won't be waiting for his next earth-shattering revelation or side-splitting remark much longer.

"Can you BELIEVE Blakely still has a job," E yelps as a sword he's juggling takes off the last two toes of his right foot. Sometimes he gets so passionate about discussing municipal recovery efforts that he loses track of the seemingly obvious dangers staring him in the face.

As he meticulously sews his digits back onto his foot he explains further, "I think it's interesting that Ezra Rapport has jumped ship so suddenly. There's definitely more than meets the eye in that situation."

Quickly jumping to his feet after the last stitch was sewn, E ushered me to the door. "You're going to get in the way of my gymnastics routine, I don't want you to catch a heel to the teeth," he chuckled.

Perhaps there are a slate of local officials that should heed that same advice.


oyster said...

Now that's what I call "news I can use"!

Fun post!

Leigh C. said...

Hee! What a hoot!

Hope your humble abode is treating you well.