Thursday, June 26, 2008

RTA Management Decision Upcoming

This will be a very interesting decision.

There are three contenders for the RTA management contract.

Two of the firms, Veolia Transportation and First Transit Inc., are private for-profit companies.

The other, TMSEL, represents the current employer of RTA personnel.

Veolia is an international giant in transportation management while First Transit has more modest contracts nationally. TMSEL, at least the way it is described, would represent status-quo for retaining the current in-house administration.

The way the article is set up, one would expect Veolia to get the contract. Not only do they have the most impressive international pedigree, servicing nearly 3 billion riders annually, but have already alluded to planned installation computerized bus stops that estimate the next arrival. They have promised to headquarter in New Orleans and have assured the RTA that the management team will be comprised of locals.

If RTA management is privatized, it is likely that there will be noticeable bus route reorientation that emphasizes more convenient services for post-Katrina population centers between the canals. It is possible that regular service to Lakeview, Gentilly, New Orleans East, and the Lower Ninth Ward will be cut.


The consultant hired by the RTA to vet the proposals has recommended Veolia Transportation. The RTA will make their choice in July.


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