Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Smoke By Myself, Link By Myself

Cuz I was born by my god damn self!

For Real!

It has been requested that I provide front page links to some of my RSD-related greatest hits.

Here they go:

Who is Parsons?

Series on Paul Vallas' record in Philly Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

City Limits: The RSD

I recommend Part 3 because it touches on Vallas' experience handling facilities money.

Especially I recommend keeping up with RSD related news over the next several weeks here with me and with my other blogosphere friends that have been sharing their own reasonable suspicions. I have my own sneaking suspicion that our stories will be getting harder and harder to ignore as the end of the school year approaches.





UPDATE: Forgot this critical link from Squandered Heritage.

The title to this post comes from one of my favorite non-serious rap songs of the last year, one that fueled one or more Mardi Gras rampages with my friends. We changed the lyrics to Smoke on my Bike, Drink on My Bike, Do what I like on my Goddamn bike! If you don't mind some playful vulgarity, you can check out the video by the Ying Yang Twins here.

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