Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nothing 2 C Here

This is a draft of the preliminary damage assessment done for Frederick Douglass High School on St. Claude Avenue:

The draft includes the following:

I know that might be hard to see, but it says "Accessibility: Not Accessible: $80,011: No elevator 1 ramp, very little doors/hardware"

This is one handicap ramp facing the corner of N. Rampart and Alvar:

This is another handicap ramp facing the corner of N. Rampart and Pauline:

One + another = 2 handicap ramps.

This was a preliminary assessment of Douglass, I think by Parsons Corp. I don't know how much this or any other school's damage assessment informs the RSD's master planning process. I do know that if you live near a school building that's worth saving, you might want to ask the RSD for their site assessments and secure a camera.

I'm not alleging anything here, this could easily be an inconsequential oversight, though all you had to do was walk around the building.

I am, however, curious to see if there is a pattern of incidental mistakes by Parsons site surveyors - given their track record - at Frederick Douglass High School or any other school under the RSD's control.


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