Monday, May 12, 2008

Grandpa Sam in South Florida Won't Even Vote For You Now, Joe

Lame duck Senator Joe Lieberman has decided he's classy enough to recite, nearly word-for-word, John McCain's talking points on Hamas' "endorsement" of Senator Obama.

Somehow, I'm thinking his invitation to the convention in Denver gets lost in the mail.

Also, he's been officially banned from ever sharing Passover Seder with my family.

You wanna talk about someone losing his bearings?

Nobody has discussed Joe Lieberman as a possible running mate for John McCain this fall. The conventional wisdom has been that Senator McCain needs to pick a young ultraconservative VP to help repair the mistrust between he and the Republican Party's evangelical base.
(And to calm voters worried that, given his propensity to confuse Al-Queda in Afghanistan with the Shiite extremists in Iraq, McCain must be losing his bearings at such an old age.)

Yet, Joe Lieberman is trying on the cloak of neoconservatism, even out-hawking most Republicans on the War in Iraq, and finding out that it fits quite nicely.

McCain-Lieberman '08?

Oy, such alter kockers.

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