Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stacy Losing Pledged Delegates in Race for Prom Queen




A sad story. Maybe true, maybe untrue. Oyster (link 3) is right, it shouldn't strike anyone as uncharacteristic.

But, BSJD had some harsh criticism in the comments section there that struck a chord on some levels but not on others.

Stacy Head has been a problem for District B and for New Orleans because of her policies. The degree of derision that's expressed over her hot-headedness seems comparatively petty. I'd like to see more outrage over her ideas.

Her instances of disrespectful public anger provide only anecdotal evidence of unfortunate biases that are better exposed through her policy stands as a Councilwoman, though she'd like us not to challenge them.

I disagree that with BSJD's sentiment that we should somehow be okay with Stacy Head because she is better than Rene Gill-Pratt. Going from F- to D+ is not change, it is not reform. It just trades one racket for another. The city can't afford to keep playing those games anymore. We need to try again in District B and I'm not willing to give Ms. Head a pass just because she stands up for Mayoral accountability from time to time. Marshall Truehill would have done that too. It's called "progressive and innovative leadership" and we should not accept anything less.


Adrastos said...

There was zero constituent service in the District when RGP was in. Whatever her other flaws Head's office is very helpful, which makes her a big improvement.

E said...

It means she ascribes to a basic level of official competency.

That's should be the minimum for every elected official - not the gold standard.

When you demand more, you get more.

dsb said...

People are jumping on this incident not because they're okay with her policies, but because the characteristics she exhibits in this incident exemplify her style of governance. Basically, some of us have a short fuse when it comes to Head. She's just so damn unlikeable. Her weaknesses as a person are her weaknesses as a public official.

I agree with you e that people have placed the bar way too long when it comes to measuring the quality of service of our elected officials. Head displays much the same arrogance exhibited by the old guard, even if she isn't on the take. It just manifests differently.

Mark said...

While I was mostly trying to get inside her head, I did offer at least a glancing blow at her public shortcomings. Constituent services is lovely, but her attitude toward the city is just the sort of poisonous nonsense I've been railing against ever since Jimmy Reiss made his famous remarks over two years ago. Ms. Head just represents one of the most obnoxiously visible heads of that particular monster.

E said...

Well that's true. This is indicative.

I just don't want people to lose sight of what is substantive.

I'm happy any time the nolasphere piles on a politician, but I think we're afforded more legitimacy when we pile on for substance and not for style.

(Though, I do see the link!)

jeffrey said...

Right on, Mr. e. This whole "At least she's not an Alphabet Soup crook who won't answer my phone calls" argument really doesn't do anything for me at all.

As you say, competence and (relative) honesty are minimum standards for the job (if they even qualify as standards).

I don't like Head. And my dislike for her has nothing to do with her personality. If anything I find her hot-headedness endearing to a degree insofar as it is at least humanizing (and often hilarious). I just happen to think she's often wrong about stuff. She was 100% wrong on the public housing demolitions. She's openly hostile to anyone who doesn't fit a very narrow definition of acceptable citizenship (i.e. non-homeowners). I generally find that I don't want to live in the kind of city she seems to want New Orleans to be.

Yes, sometimes she serves as a semi-useful foil to the Nagin people. But I think I've made it abundantly clear that we should expect are pols to actually represent us and not merely "slay dragons."

jeffrey said...

I count at least three typos in the above comment. I hate when I do that shit.