Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Recycling in New Orleans: A Model of Efficiency

*N.O. residents want recycling, survey shows

No F-ing way!


New Orleans residents actually want basic city services!

Stop the presses!

What's worse is that Council actually went through the trouble of commissioning a survey for this. Just restore our recycling service! Why is it like pulling teeth?

Why feasibility studies? Why surveys?

Just restore this basic city sanitation service. Just do it. Now.

The survey is still ongoing for some reason. The earliest we might have recycling again, if Council decides that it's something residents of the city might want, is August.


Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the Mayors Office is the roadblock. Sanitation department is under his purview. Several council members have been openly in favor of recycling for some time, even looking for ways to make it more feasible. I suspect that the Council created the poll to give them ammunition to pressure the Mayor.

The council can pass all sorts of laws, but the Mayor has to implement them and budget funds for them.

See the following:

E said...

you may be right. it must be that nagin is waiting for richards and metro to create the capacity to win the contract.

Schroeder said...

But only 6000-11,000 households for six months. Ahem ... I think we can agree that's no where near the population estimates for the city. And no mention whether costs could be mitigated by pre-sorting trash. Pathetic leadership.

seung said...

friendly fact check: the council did not commission the poll. the council in fact already allocated funds to bring back recycling. the poll came from the department of sanitation.

E said...

Thanks Seung. You're right.

Celcus too.

I'm just pissed that we don't have basic sanitation services. It's insulting that there's a survey to gauge our interest in recycling. We deserve it as part of the bloated sanitation contracts we're already paying out to Richards and Metro.

Council did indeed allocate money. (was it $500,000?) Perhaps someone from the mayor's office might be able to let us know why we still don't have recycling service.

Bumblef*ck North Dakota has recycling.

Why don't we?