Monday, February 04, 2008

Lundi et Mardi

The news cycle turns and turns.

The City of New Orleans lied to residents and community leaders for months about the Good Neighbor Initiative, which the administration now admits, is no more.

What is blight in a city that contracts a man to paint everything gray?

What is blight in a city that gives public land and public tax dollars to private developers to turn our public housing stock into empty lots?

What is blight in a city that contributes more than it clears?

Thanks in advance for the plastic beads, Mr. Mayor.

What a waste of everybody's time. When we sober up we might get mad.


The schools are getting some emergency money ahead of the presentation of their first budget in two years. I can't wait!

I still have a big article coming about the school district. I'm sorry. It's Carnival, I had to push it to the back burner.


We can't stop killing our neighbors.

All the quiet rage in this city boils over in such sudden loud claps.


Mr. Obama is gaining ground in all polls related to tomorrow's stupid-crazy primary day.
He has closed into the margin of error in California, which had previously been clearly in the Clinton-column. This is all remarkable.


Everybody go have a good time now.

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