Friday, February 01, 2008

Interesting Media Response

The New York Times story about Bill Clinton's shady private jet and presidential palace business dealings with uranium magnates and the authoritarian dictator of Pakistan has not received a whole lot of attention.

I find this curious because I found the story to be pretty devastating, though not completely unsurprising.

There is no mention of the revelations anywhere on

There is no mention of the revelations anywhere on

Don't see it anywhere on, either.

What's up with that?

Really, what's up with that?

It was on the front page of the New York Times website.

Americans wouldn't find this story compelling? It's not profitable enough? What? What is it?


Civitch said...

I read the article that ran in the TP about Clinton and Kazakhstan. What spooked me the most was how similar much of this is to what Dollar Bill has done (although in this case, the payoff is in investments and contributions and not frozen wads of cash).

E said...

it is spooky.

jefferson's argument that it isn't really bribery since he did nothing in an official capacity is extremely discouraging.

all these politicians sure do enjoy their power, don't they?