Friday, February 29, 2008

Heckuva Job Powellface

The Czar of our recovery is leaving.

Powell said the most rewarding aspect of his job has been to observe the rebuilding progress, "albeit sometime very slow," in Gulf Coast communities devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.

Powell conceded he was frustrated at times with his inability to move the bureaucracy, alluding he said to federal, state and local agencies. He said federal agencies were sometimes "reluctant" to bend regulations to address more urgently the widespread devastation caused by the hurricanes.

"The thing that I struggled with more than anything else is the inability to cause things to happen as fast I would like," said Powell, who tried to expedite the processing of work sheets that spell out the scope of FEMA reconstruction projects. The Federal Emergency Management Agency often required time-consuming adjustments by local and parish officials that delayed construction.

Yes! Thank you so so much for observing our recovery. Thank you so so much for your inability to move the bureaucracy. You did a great job of helping Bush implement his official policy of doing absolutely nothing for New Orleans. Thanks from all of us.

The White House said on Friday that Powell was stepping down to return to his native Texas to spend more time with his family, and President George W. Bush praised him for working "tirelessly and effectively" in the rebuilding campaign.

Tirelessly? Effectively?


What are you going to do for money Mr. Powell?

Powell plans to return to Amarillo, Texas, and resume his banking career.

Oh your career was in banking? I thought you would have had some experience in the field...

You were a Bush pioneer, so I guess that qualifies you to run an agency created to provide jobs to Bush pioneers.

Again, thank you so so much.


Karen said...

Powell probably stepped down because all the lucrative contracts have been let.

E said...

nah. he misses his family.
this city will fall apart without him.

Carmen said...

Uh oh. Spending more time with his family, shoot: can't we get Nagin to decide on that yet? Doesn't his family miss him? He's been observing so effectively and tirelessly too.