Monday, December 03, 2007

Write a strongly worded letter

Apparently, there has been a complaint filed to the American Society of Civil Engineers alleging that ASCE leadership, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Department of Defense worked intentionally to limit the scope of the official review and sabotage the work of independent bodies.

Click here to write a strongly worded letter to the ASCE asking them to make their investigation into these ethics complaints public.



Tim said...

Professor Ray Seed filed a lengthy complaint with ASCE alleging all sorts of inappropriate behavior on the part of ASCE as an organization and its individual members who participated in the External Peer Review. As a member of ASCE and a registered professional civil engineer, I want his charges to be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. However, whenever the character of a professional organization or individual is attacked, it is appropriate to proceed with caution and fully investigate the charges prior to airing unsubstantiated or unproven allegations.

We must keep that in mind: these are serious allegations, but they remain allegations until fully investigated. They may yet be sustained or they may be dismissed, but until that determination is made it serves no one, and I would argue that it is harmful, to air these claims prematurely.

I also know that ASCE takes its responsibility to uphold the highest ethical standards for members very seriously. I am confident that ASCE will fully and forcefully investigate these claims and that appropriate portions of their findings will be made public at the appropriate time. This is done to protect all members of the organization, including Professor Seed.

The letter you are asking people to sign presses ASCE to make the full findings of the investigation public. I am confident that the findings will be published to the greatest extent possible. ASCE President David Mongan pledged to do this in a letter to the editor The Times Picayune.

ASCE has a sterling reputation for standing up and speaking out for the safety of the public. I remain confident the organization will continue to serve the public good.



E said...

I real glad you stick up for your boys. I really appreciate how you feel about it and I hope you're right about the findings being published.