Thursday, December 27, 2007

Check this out.

Really great post by Alan. Highest recommendations. Yes, it's about housing.

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ella stelter said...

i am new to town and have been trying to get move involved in public housing issues here. i have been doing my best to find out what is going on, but it hasn't been going like i had hoped. i studied affordable/public housing issues a lot as an architecture student, its been an interest of mine for a while.

i have been reading over your blog (as well as a few other NOLA blogs), and you obviously follow the issue, and i like your perspective. you should email me at hecticart/at/gmail/dot/com. i am hoping to make friend with people with similar interests, but since i cant find my way to many of the events, its been a bit of a catch 22. i swear i am not some lonely/desperate/social-disaster. just a lazy typer, who, like i said is new to town.