Thursday, November 15, 2007

Williams Attack Pamphlet Avoids Irish Channel

Nobody I've talked to around these parts has received the David Williams mailing that attacks Cheryl Gray.

For background check out:

the times-pic

some came running

your right hand thief


I've been asking around for a while, nobody I know around here has received it.

The brief summary is that David Williams finished third to Cheryl Gray and Jalila Jefferson-Bullshit in the District 5 State Senate Contest. Williams just sent out a racially loaded pamphlet that attacks Gray, ostensibly helping the Jefferson machine. Sounds fishy, no?

I did not receive the mailer, and naturally, I jumped to the conclusion that Williams conveniently did not send it out to my neighborhood because of it's racial makeup. Nobody around me as received it either, so I think it is a completely fair insinuation to make. I doubt it got delivered around Central City either. I talked to my mailman as well. He didn't remember delivering that particular political brochure either. Another mailman I spoke with mentioned that it is unusual for those types of brochures to be two pages and sealed, which is something I hadn't thought about before.

I do not feel entirely comfortable reporting this as fact, because thankfully, most people throw away these pieces of garbage without reading or noticing them, so it's hard to expect people to remember one piece of trash over another. (especially because they all look eerily similar, more on this later)

Several people I asked, however, some of whom were familiar with the controversy, and were adamant that it did not come to their mailbox. I would say I interviewed about 10 Irish Channel households about the flier.

My next-door neighbors did not get it, they had Jefferson-Bullock posters before the runoff, now they're pretty ticked.

Bloggers and the T-P have insinuated that the flier has ties to the JJ-B camp because they both improperly identify the bill numbers.

I'll let the T-P explain it, but I'll provide the emphasis:
Williams said the mailer was not intended as an endorsement of Jefferson-Bullock, but it happens to cite the same two bills that were listed in an earlier mail piece paid for by someone with apparent ties to the Jefferson camp.

Trouble is, both fliers incorrectly match the bill numbers with the language they quote as examples of why, according to the authors, Gray is fighting for the "rights of criminals" rather than the general public.

Indeed, the mailers make the exact same mistake.

In one case, the mailers point to House Bill 1146 from the 2006 regular session, which according to the state Legislature's Web site corresponds with a measure amending the definition of "bird." The other measure listed, House Bill 1142 from the 2007 regular session, matches no bill at all.

So there is ample evidence here that might tie David Williams directly to the Jefferson camp. But, as Oyster insinuates, this may be also an alliance between Williams and his old Republican friends:

But I guess Williams sees the writing on the wall, and assumes he'll lose his appeal, and wants to cynically and strategically help the inferior candidate (Jalila Jefferson), because she might be easier to displace next time around (especially if she has to resign with an ethical cloud over her head). Since this is right out of the Greater New Orleans Conservative Revolutionary playbook, I wonder with whom former Republican Williams is coordinating his attack.

Well now... that is an interesting theory. Now let us discuss the fact that so many of these pamphlets look awfully similar...

Let us discuss a flier that I DID receive in the mail the other day. This one was from Representative Ernest Wooton, a Republican from Plaquemines Parish who throws his hat into our Orleans Parish race by, guess what?

Smearing Cheryl Gray!

It attacks her as 'soft' on crime and unethical using the same language as the Williams piece and the earlier JJ-B piece described above by the Times-Pic

This one, however, does give an outright endorsement to Jalila Jefferson-Bullock as someone who "works best with Republicans and will help Governor Bobby Jindal pass his agenda..."
(David Williams denies ties to the Jefferson campaign)

I did a little googling for Mr. Wooten and found that he switched to the Republican Party just recently, in 2006. This site considers his seat vulnerable coming up in 2007. Just so you know...

These things do look alike sometimes. I took a picture of the Williams pamphlet and the Wooten mailer side-by-side so that you can see what I'm talking about:

Now I don't want to insinuate that the Williams and Wooten pamphlets are coming from the same place....

Actually, yes I do.

So I don't know which theory I like best. Did David Williams sign a deal with the Jeffersons? Did David Williams do a favor to his old Republican friends (who want to see JJ-B in office because the indictment over her father's head will embarrass the Democrats and make them vulnerable in the future)? Are David Williams, the Jefferson Machine, and the Republican Party of Louisiana all just scratching each others' backs on this one? Maybe Cheryl Gray hates our troops and loves terrorists, what the hell do I know?

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Adrastos said...

I live not far from both Oyster and Celcus and didn't get the flyer. I have no idea why.