Monday, November 05, 2007

People Deserve a Place to Live

How convenient for the Times-Picayune to uncover FEMA's quiet and underhanded closure of New Orleans trailer parks, don't you think?

Essentially, FEMA gave all these folks an eviction notice and a couple of apartment search websites that weren't operational. Read the article, it's devestating.

The people in the trailer parks are having trouble finding affordable housing to move into because rents in New Orleans have increased since the storm.

I don't know if there can be any conclusions drawn to link the story above with the story below.

From Satuday's Times-Picayune:

HANO is failing to provide housing advocates with accurate contact information for former St. Thomas residents, violating an agreement struck in June, said attorney James Perry.

Of the 1,132 addresses of former residents HANO provided, 38 percent stated that the families still lived at St. Thomas, which was demolished in 2001. An additional 20 percent of the contact list states that families live in developments that have been vacant for two years, Perry said.

The inaccuracies call into question HANO's claims that it has plenty of open units that its families either can't or won't return to post-Katrina, Perry said.

HANO maintains it has 400 apartments in its developments ready and waiting until its families can return to New Orleans from cities such as Houston, but the agency hasn't provided a list of addresses for each unit, despite a request by U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La.

And Miss Karen Gadbois provides some interesting photographs of some "properties" HANO might be including in their list of available vacancies.

So just to recap:

FEMA is kicking people out on the streets from trailer parks in spite of past indications the parks would be open into 2009. HANO is demolishing public housing projects that could be quickly renovated and inhabited. Those being kicked to the curb by FEMA can't find affordable housing. HANO insists that they have many affordable housing vacancies that aren't being filled and this is why it is no big deal to move ahead with the demolitions. HANO will not provide anyone with a list of available vacant properties. Karen provides photos of HANO-owned blight.

Our neighbors deserve homes! What's the problem here?

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