Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Orleans Isn't Far Enough Along

Just wait another 15 or 20 years without repairing the levees like you've promised.

We'll be miles deep under water somewhere in the Gulf where you won't even need to pretend not to see us.

The panel that picks where to hold Presidential debates decided that New Orleans has not sufficiently recovered from Hurricane Whatshername to hold the event.

This is in spite of the facts that we have demonstrated that we can host large events with large numbers of people: Mardi Gras attracts many more people than a Presidential Debate. I think we successfully hosted close to a million visitors last year...

But we haven't recovered nearly enough to confront our nations leaders as to why...

We haven't recovered nearly enough to provide the positive photo opportunities the culpable parties of the federal government need to pat themselves on the back and tout our city as evidence of their job well done...

*Although certain federal officials did do a heck of a job...

We haven't sufficiently recovered to hold a Presidential Debate...
(Two zombie people on an unending quest for fame, power, money, sex, flashbulbs, cigars, backslaps, and commissioned portraits - and their cadre of media slaves)

This city has around 300,000 RESIDENTS.

You know, American voters. 

You know, human beings.

Is it recovered enough for US?

Were you afraid someone might actually ask that question if y'all held a debate here?

Go to hell.

I will now reproduce the names and numbers of the members of the Commission on Presidential Debates, as seen in today's Times-Pic:

Co-Chair Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr. (President, CEO of American Gaming Association) [Ha!]

Co-Chair Paul G. Kirk Jr. (Retired Partner of some law firm)
617-338-2987 pkirk@sandw.com

Howard G. Buffet (Howard G. Buffet Foundation)

Sen. John C. Danforth (Former Senator, that is)
314-259-2980 jcdanforth@bryancave.com

Antonia Hernandez (California Community Foundation)
213-413-4130 ahernandez@ccf-la.org

Caroline Kennedy (Famous Daughter)

Mike McCurry (Former Clinton guy)

Newton N. Minow (No idea)
847-835-3118 nminow@sidley.com

Dorothy Ridlings (Huh?)

Sen. Alan K. Simpson (Former Senator, that is)

H. Patrick Swygert (President of Howard University) [Get our back, wouldya?]

Everyone that reads this blog can spend the five minutes or so that it takes to leave short messages for these people. Or if you're really mad, you can leave extra long messages.

If you noticed that none of these people have 504 area codes, its because they don't live here in New Orleans.

There IS a debate in some town called Oxford, Mississippi on September 26, 2008.
How far away is that?

Oh, only about five and a half hours...

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Y'all testing us?


Drive-By Blogger said...

I will have a lot to say about this tomorrow.

The long, long road home,New Orleans said...

Bravo on the phone numbers. Flood them out.

Mark said...

Testing us? They are being tested, and they have failed. How much longer can New Orleans continue to carry America? At $100 a barrel, we would be kings of the fucking world.

Time to close the river. Time to close the super port. Time to watch them riot in the streets of the upper midwest for food. I wonder if you can burn soybeans for heat?

Ten dollars a gallon and ten cents a bushel. It's in our power if we choose.

Louisiana 1976 said...

I'm a Daily Kos diarist (blogger) and thought you might be interested in the grassroots effort I'm mounting to get the site selection to schedule a fifth debate for New Orleans--which deserves much better than the way she has been treated by that commission. My original post can be found at http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/11/28/91918/274.

(I hope you don't mind that as part of this "pass-on" as it is in my original diary I included your list of contact info for the members--but this is information that has to be widely spread about so others who are as angry as we are can also contact those people.)


1.) Publicly apologize to the people and city of New Orleans and the state and people of Louisiana. Add that rejecting New Orleans as one of the four original debate sites was in error.

2.) Tell the truth about New Orleans--that she has beautifully hosted all sorts of events after Katrina and would be the perfect site for a presidential debate.

And the following is the most important because it is the only satisfactory way this issue will be resolved. It is non-negotiable--nothing less will be acceptable:

3.) Plan, schedule, and announce a FIFTH presidential debate to be held in New Orleans.