Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Those Munchkin Cans

I know it broke over a week ago, but I brushed it aside until now.

What happened to those $750-a-pop trash cans that the Nagin administration spent $450,000 on before the storm in 2005?

The trash cans have been replaced.

Well that seems curious because there was such a big controversy created when the city first purchased the cans. Nagin administration officials worked overtime to sound reasonable to those questioning why the Niche Group, a business with ties to the administration, had been given such a sweet deal. Most cities, when allowing advertising space on municipal trash cans, get the cans covered for free by the company and receive 25% of advertising revenue. The deal between New Orleans and the Niche Group called for taxpayers to shell out $750 for each can and receive just 15% of ad receipts.

So what's wrong with those trash cans? There must be a good reason taxpayers are replacing them just three years later.

Our Mayor has answers!

"Those little munchkin trash cans? We got ride of those...
They're about this tall. I had to bend over to put stuff in 'em"

Laugh Out Loud! Munchkin trash cans! Who needs 'em?
I'm not gonna bend over, that's for sure.
Makes sense to me. If Our Mayor says our trash cans are too short - they're too short. He's the Decider. He deals with business people and important officials all the time and if he thinks that our short trash cans are diminishing the reputation and image of New Orleans, well then those trash cans have got to go.

So what's up with the replacement trash cans?

Well according to the same T-P article, they're being replaced with new wrought-iron ones obtained without a competitive bidding process.

Those will cost $670 each. So if you look at one way, we're really saving money.
And the city will have nice and tall trash cans.

Somehow, though, we're still bending over.

p.s. Here are some metal trash cans in the $175 range. The company offers bulk discounts.

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