Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Maybe He Can Change Her

Former New York City Council President Andrew Stein and THE Ann Coulter are...

...sitting in a tree.

Stein, of course, is a Democrat. Coulter is a crazy. How could this happen?

Is there coat-tail riding going on?


Sometimes I wish that I had the power to change the political affiliation of hot Republicans just by sleeping with them. Anyone else?

Are Ann Coulter fans disillusioned by this?

Maybe she'll cancel her speaking gig here in New Orleans to fly to Vegas to get married or change her voter registration to better reflect the penetration(sorry) of Democratic ideals.

h/t: atrios


Leigh C. said...

Judging from the Mary Matalin-James Carville example of a mixed marriage, no amount of close association with an opposite is gonna change something THAT big. Only a major health threat or the sudden booming of God's voice on high would do it.

God? Are you listening to this? Hellloooo?????

E said...

But what if he's really really really penetrating her?

her ideals. sorry.

the carville-matalin thing is a good point to bring up. what does it ultimately say about these pundit people and what they value most?

is it fame or is it universal healthcare?

Leigh C. said...

Well, Carville and Mary have kids. Assuming they've mostly raised 'em themselves, without much help, they oughta be thinking about health care since they have been run ragged by said kids.

Otherwise, I think it's allll about how much they can get themselves in the public eye.