Sunday, October 21, 2007

Terrorist-Loving Maniacs Bludgeon Innocent Woman!

Michelle Malkin has the scoop on the anarchist thugs ruining America.

So does the Jawa Report.

These nut-jobs took to the streets in Washington D.C. to destroy property and injure people.

Just read from the fox news!

Or watch from the fox's local affiliate!

I really feel for the poor woman that has been turned into a victim by these vile, vile anarchist people that hate America and are thugs.

Essentially, according to the fox affiliate report, a local store clerk was injured by a flying brick when a protest targeting the International Monetary Fund annual meeting became violent. The disorder occurred along a commercial strip in the wealthy Georgetown neighborhood. It's mostly chain retailers were targeted by protesters as emblematic of the United States' economic practices around the world.

Michelle really gets it right when she says:
If just one city targeted by these criminal punks would crack down hard instead of slapping them on the collective wrist, the property damage and assaults would stop.

They've just got to end these protests. There are too many risks. Anarchists are coddled.
That poor, poor, D.C. store clerk.....

Except.... EXCLUSIVE REPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE ME FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

.......I'm about to drop a bomb here.... err, throw a brick here......

......that innocent D.C. store clerk trying to make an honest living....
......that hard-working American hero.....

.....let's just say I've got the dirt on her.......

She's my sister. Her name is Sayde. We're totally bff so she granted me exclusive access.

She's not a D.C. store clerk. She's a student at American University. And she ain't no lame-ass victim.

Sayde was in Georgetown that evening with friends. They were out at some sort of wine and cheese affair at a small boutique. You can tell that from the video because sis is looking totally stylish and hot. Good genetics. She and her friends heard the noise from the protest and decided to go check it out. They staked out a spot on the sidewalk to watch the back and forth between protesters and police. Then from the street, a brick headed for the Abercrombie & Fitch store hit my sister Sayde square in the forehead.

She's doing okay now. Obviously it was a poor start to the weekend for her. She's got a really nasty black eye and suffered a minor concussion. The brick also lacerated her forehead severely. Three layers of stitches were required and the doc said she'd need surgery to repair the scarring once the wound is sufficiently healed. Sayde was told that skull was exposed. Sick, dude!

She's ticked about her injury, her night in the hospital, the scar it will leave. She doesn't believe that aggressive and destructive behavior is a particularly effective protest tactic. Whoever threw that brick was a jerk and should have been especially careful to hold back knowing how many people were so close to the target. (And I agree)

She also thinks media coverage has been ridiculous. The local news stories naturally, showed as much blood as they could get away with. She hates the insinuations, the tones taken by the likes of Michelle Malkin, message boarders, this nutty page, and other web sources that she and her friends have discovered. This attack was malicious. That poor, helpless, hardworking store clerk girl..... she must have been so frightened.... let's ban public assembly.

As Sayde told me when she called the next morning, "That shit was gangsta." She stood there like a champ and waited for medical attention calmly while blood poured out of her forehead. She was joking and making faces at friends as she got into the ambulance. Since Friday, she and I are having a blast showing the video clips to our friends, though she may be enjoying it partially because she's on percs for the pain.

Nobody has more gracefully taken a brick to the face in the history of the planet. Nobody.

She certainly doesn't believe that the brick thrower meant to hit her. He or she was obviously going for the Abercrombie and Fitch and missed.

Although she's making the best out of the situation by employing her sense of humor to get some laughs out of her minor celebrity, especially the videos of her stoic glare while covered in blood, Sayde would rather not have the attention. She thinks it's ridiculous that instead of discussing the issues behind the protest, instead the "debate" is reduced to outrage over the isolated violent incident. Rather than delve into the ethical quandaries posed by the often exploitative nature of IMF policies, we're given the damning evidence of an emerging threat that we all must fear and punish.

As a responsible older brother, I'm especially angered that my sister's bloody face is all over the internet right now, exploited as justification for irrational and hateful opining about the intentions and evilness of a rather small group protesting American citizens.

The only person allowed to exploit images of my sister for personal gain is me!

Facebook pic with caption: still sassy in a stretcher

Ohmygod Sayde is like so famous for this. I'm going to ride those coattails! We could be famous!!! It's like we've been waiting for a brick of fame to hit us in the face for so long....

Larry King: So, e, tell us how you got your start?
E: Well, Larry, it all started when my sister got hit in the face with a brick.

Ugh, I can picture those media vultures spinning this now.... she obviously meant to get hit in the face with that brick, I mean she obviously thought of the book deals involved.

******Please contact this blog's administrator for inquiries related to this story*****

All offers considered. Book deals? Talk show appearances? How does my hair look? Sayde, pluck my eyebrows! Throw money at us immediately, people!!!


Hellfireblogs said...

Bullshit. If this is your sister why don't you care that she was hit in the face with a brick?

If it were my sister I'd bust a cap in someone, but you just shrug?

Bullshit. Let's see some real evidence, like a family photo perhaps?

Leigh C. said...

I'm sorry about your sister. I hope she feels better.

E said...

She's chillin, she was shook up for a while but she's a tough lil south philly girl and knows how to laugh.

our childhood home was built out of bricks. ain't no brick gonna touch her!

Ms Stressa said...

I hope your sister is feeling better soon!

Carol Moore Report said...

Glad to hear your side of the story. Not sure what the "gangsta" comment meant. But the way many activists see it is that the same people who threw a brick that hit your sister are a) either cops or b) very good at insulting and bullying sincere activists who disagree with their tactics. If they are activists, they are mostly macho young guys committed to destroying "capitalism" through violence (at least til they get bored with it and get good jobs with the establishment). Of course, their violence is manipulated by left communist statists who, should they take power, would throw the capitalists AND the anti-capitalists in work camps! UGH!! See my article THE RETURN OF STREET FIGHTING MAN at

Leigh C. said...

Somebody cue up some Rolling Stones, y'all. "...what can a poor boy do?"

swampwoman said...

Dayum that is quite a story! Small world indeed, hope she heals soon...

Anonymous said...

E cares that I got hit in the head with a brick so don't worry. But thanks for YOUR concern. Who would you bust a cap in by the way? Cause I believe the whole point is that violence sucks, am I right? Anyone? About that family photo... you couldn't handle it, you might catch fire from all 'dat' hotness, E and I are on FIRE, besides, isn't that what's really important? My vanity, my only good asset.It's been ruined by you liberal loonies.

PSSHHHAWWW back up off of me!

Anonymous said...

Carol moore... No, miss pacifist, as difficult as it is to swallow it was not a police provacateur or someone who was "young and macho." Nice of you to swoop in as the liberal who enjoys the thrill of refusal and security of submission, subscribing to some of the views of the demonstrators while playing out your appropriate role of condemning the actions you wish you had the courage to take. As difficult as it is for you to swallow, genuine resistance involves forms of violence and property destruction, in fact the only place this absurd debate about violence during protests is so emphasized is the United States. Nobody questions in Europe why a corporate store was destroyed, it's just an obvious target and reasons for it being targetted are obvious. I was a participant in the demonstration and saw what happened, it was a mistake obviously, no one intended to hurt a random person (Which is extremely rare at these sorts of things) as that's certainly not what anyone's about and not what the intention of the protest was. I'm glad to hear she's doing well, a lot of people felt pretty bad that it happened but also felt there wasn't anything as a group we could've done differently (Except not engage in vandalism, but COME ON, heh).

Essentially what I'm saying is two things, carol moore, you're no better than any of the bloodsucking media looking to exploit someone's injury for political gain (In this case, winning people over to your ineffective "law-abiding revolutionary" side). The second is that anyone who sees this from the demonstration will be happy to hear that the person is okay and wasn't hurt as badly as some thought.

charlotte said...

Dayum, E....can I have your autograph.....can I have a pix of you and sis?? Maybe a photoshop job of you applying pressure to her bloody forehead? I have an inside line to The Globe....I'll split the money with ya'all.

Feel better soon, sis!!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte, I like you.
-lil sis

Anonymous said...

I'd like to throw out there(no pun intended) that it was pouring rain and that the police presence in Georgetown was abundant. With cops on the heals of those participating in the demo it is very feasible that the brick was thrown off course at launch because of pigs manhandling those aiming for the windows of A&F. Sorry about the brick to the face. Way to take for the team. Glad to read the perspective of the people affected by the incident not the view point of MSM (mainstream media).

Anonymous said...

way to take it like a champ

get well soon

Ellen said...

Oh shitskies! That's Sayde. I swear, nobody tells me anything in this family. What the hell! Well, I must say - she does look good. Love the boots! And the mini - maybe a bit too short....but don't worry about a scar from "the man" - Jenn can get you great makeup to cover it. Oh, wait a minute - it wasn't "the man" that did that to Sayde - it was some dumb kid that acted irresponsibly. I say, GET A JOB!! dumb ass and stop throwing bricks! And Sayde, are you coming for Thanksgiving?

Hannah said...

jeez. you need to keep us in the loop here! when would we have heard about this? in the middle of thanksgiving dinner? two months after the fact?

well, anyway, glad to hear sayde's healing =] that idiot. a brick!

well, hope to see y'all soon.