Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Obama Turns Corner

Already Barack Obama is delivering on his promise to begin a new phase of his campaign. With slipping poll numbers and a relatively stagnant 3rd quarter fund-raising total, Senator Obama and his advisers have decided to take a more aggressive approach. I wrote last month about the free ride Hillary seemed to be getting from her supposed rivals for the nomination. Last Thursday, I discussed Obama's planned new phase:

Obama's 'new phase' is indeed new, he will have to come at her on issues related to fund raising. Saying that Hillary Clinton supported the War in Iraq in a louder voice does not make it a different line of attack. He has got to do more. If he is the different type of politician he says he is, now is the time to point out how. By announcing that he is ready to really roll up his sleeves for phase two, people will be looking for him to deliver, and quickly.

Well today the Obama campaign sent a fundraising email to its supporters with the subject line "Hillary's Money."

Hillary Clinton aggressively seeks money from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs. She's even said that these lobbyists represent real Americans.

She's wrong.

I think it's time to turn the page on that kind of politics, and that's why I have not accepted a dime from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs in this race. We rely on a network of more than 350,000 ordinary people to make us competitive -- more supporters than all the other Democratic candidates combined.

Washington lobbyists have chosen their candidate and are determined to provide her with an overwhelming advantage. But you can even up this contest.

In the face of the most entrenched political machine in Democratic politics, I believe a movement of ordinary Americans can change our country. And you can prove that right now.

I need you to make a donation to close the gap

This is fresh evidence that he does intend to highlight Hillary's connections to Insiders and Lobbyists, but he's walking a thin line. He alludes to the time she said that some lobbyists represent the interests of real Americans, citing social workers. He even takes the comment out of context to make her look worse.

I dunno, man.

There is no need to do that, Barack. Why resort to such a cheap line? You can attack Hillary's record on lobbyists, corporate donations, ties to special interests with substance. And it wouldn't take you that long. Here is a link to a story about Norman Hsu flying Hillary's campaign staff to Las Vegas for partying. Here is one about a senior adviser's role at Blackwater. Here's one about the money she's received from lobbyists for this campaign. Here's one more link about Hillary Clinton's relationship with Walmart.

Mr. Obama, you can raise serious and intelligent questions about Senator Clinton's relationship with The Establishment and how that might preclude her from enacting serious ethics and campaign reforms. This is important to Americans! You don't have to do it with a snarky, "she's even said that lobbyists represent real Americans."

Surface criticisms using that type of stock tone will be dubbed by her people as desperate attacks. Challenge her directly. Challenge her views and history on these issues and force her to defend her ideas as opposed to herself.

If Hillary Clinton is to be caught by a Democratic rival, it will be because voters learn about her shady dealings with these various insider interests.

Here's video from the August debate in which Hillary Clinton says that lobbyists represent people.

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