Thursday, December 10, 2009

Arnie out, Eddie in

WDSU says Arnie Fielkow is undecided about seeking reelection as Councilman at-large. I hear he is decided. He is not going to seek reelection. I have also heard that the "family issues" cited cryptically by WDSU involve his wife's career and not something weird.

Meanwhile, 71-year-old former Councilman and Municipal Court Judge, Eddie Sapir is going to be qualifying for an at-large run first thing tomorrow.

Update: To be clear, Sapir is in whether Arnie Fielkow qualifies or not.

Update II: Times-Pic says Fielkow is back in! Wow dude, make a decision.

Update III: That story seems thin. I bet he's still undecided. We'll have a better idea tomorrow.

Between Sapir and Jackie Clarkson, the other candidates might have to agree to keep all debates between 5 and 7PM, after dinner and in time for bed.

Another thing the senior circuit will agree on: it's drafty in here.


Might James Perry also seize the opportunity and shift his meager resources from the Mayoral election into an at-large bid? It's hard to find evidence that he's gaining enough traction in the analog world to earn a fighting underdog's share of the vote in the Mayor's race, let alone seriously threaten for a spot in the runoff. He missed his opportunity to knock on doors and organize and he'll never raise enough money to play the traditional TV/radio game in any real way. It's not as hard to envision Perry making an honorable go of it for one of the two at-large openings.

If he is warm to the idea, he should get moving.


Though the Jacobs campaign denies it, it's hard to avoid hearing rumors that she is still considering dropping out of the Mayor's race now that Mitch Landrieu is running.

She could jump into the at-large fray herself.



Austin Badon has qualified for District E and Stacy Head has qualified for District B.

Marlin Gusman has no challenger for Criminal Sheriff.

Cynthia Hedge-Morrell may also run unopposed.

Coroner Frank Minyard has broken his promise not to seek reelection. I hope someone challenges him. Do other cities have elected coroners?

Tomorrow, Virginia Blanque is still expected to join the fray for District A and Corey Watson for District B. I think District A could get even more crowded. Same for District C.


Just one more day of qualifying. We'll know for sure who is running for what by the end of the day tomorrow.


Late update:

If Arnie qualifies, runs, and wins. He's signed up for four years.

If he's qualifying because he's really still undecided and ultimately decides to drop out because he wants to make more money and he or his wife want to take a job out of state, that's fine.

But if he runs and wins and then resigns, it will cost all of us as taxpayers and set up one of those undemocratic low-turnout special elections.

That would be lame.

He should really think it over.


Ricardo said...

WWL TV reported @ 1820 that Arnie will qualify tomorrow.

bayoustjohndavid said...

To some degree, I think that election speculating and handicapping is a waste of time, but I still can't resist (that probably describes a lot of us). Anyway, I've long suspected that Sapir might decide to run for council instead of mayor. I even speculated about District B on one your earlier posts. Where did you hear that about at-large? It would make sense for Sapir, but I hate the thought of Sapir and the judge's sister* as our at-large council members.

At any rate, with riverfront redevelopment, I have to imagine that some business interests and political groups have already lined up behind candidates for both B and C.

*Admittedly, that was tacky on my part.

E said...

Haha, we shouldn't have to resist. We have to reap the horrible real-world results of these elections so we might as well derive some ephemeral pleasure from the process.

Jeffrey said...

I emailed Arnie directly and he said he's running.

Jacobs should start talking to frontrunners about being CAO. Perry should be running for Council--what district does he live in?

Anonymous said...

Eddie Sapir and Darren Mire teamed up to knock Fielkow out of the race or at least to help Mire gain the second open seat. Mire & Sapir aren't good news for New Orleans at all.

Jeffrey said...

Out of curiosity, why do Mire and Sapir spell bad news for Arnie?

Ricardo said...

I think that Arnie's tenure this last four years has saved the city from complete disaster. He has kept the city council chambers from being a complete war zone. His demeanor and hard work has kept the Cynthias mostly in check and there has not been even a hint of scandal associated with him. He has proven his worth and I think that the voters of New Orleans will express their respect by awarding him a second term in office.

Anonymous said...

Sapir & Mire were entered with the goal of taking as much of the vote away from Fielkow as possible. This was orchestrated as you will see.

Anonymous said...

-Perry should definitely run for City Council.
-Mitch will always be the only white guy who can capture the African-American base enough to win an election. However, some backlash against his sister in the Senate could affect his chances. Still, he has been popular as Lt. Gov., probably because that job doesn't entail too much. It's safe to say that he's a shoo-in because he is.
-All the money in the world can't buy you an innate leadership quality/personality (re: Georges).
-Jacobs should just drop out if she doesn't want to completely waste her time/money at this point.
-Arnie has held the city together. I wish he was running for Mayor.
-Just some thoughts. Take them or leave them.

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