Monday, October 26, 2009

Simple solutions to simple problems

Louisiana University chieftans have been talking recently about having too many students.

Due to a handshake agreement, I can't name names but recently I heard a brief talk by the head of a local public university who was proudly describing the course of action he took when faced with a surplus of aspirant students.

"We doubled the price."

For him, it was a no-brainer. That is what you do when demand outstrips supply, right? That this policy clearly discriminates against poorer applicants is a consequence of the marketplace.

I wonder if it occurred to him that an alternative choice for an institution of higher learning looking to deal with over-enrollment would be to raise the academic standards for admittance.

I can tell you that this University head honcho was not Chancellor John Lombardi of LSU, though he shares Mr. Lombardi's strategy.

The Chancellor of LSU is already on the record favoring higher tuition for his students instead of the consolidation of university boards populated by people who make enormous six-figure salaries from the money students and their parents often go into debt to pay into the system.

To Chancellor Lombardi and his compatriot from another public institution of higher learning in Louisiana, consolidating university patronage positions and raising academic standards is the bad choice here.

I think they're confused about what their mission is.


Jeffrey said...

This is administration and the ideological principles behind it are mind-numbingly stupid. How can a reasonable person claim that LA has too many educated people?

The Governor and his administration fail to understand that we make the world we want to live in; from high speed rail lines to port investment to education, you don't take the world as given (rail passengers, port imports, skilled and knowledge-based jobs), you fight to make it the way you want. Jindal's conservativism is his cover for his utter lack of vision and conviction.

Anonymous said...

John Lombardi is the president of the LSU system (statewide). The chancellor of the Baton Rouge campus is Mike Martin. Larry Hollier is the chancellor of the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans.

Papa Bear said...

Eli, I STILL can't believe that guy made the statement.

Anonymous said...

Before one jumps to deride what this man is saying one should consider this: he comes from the University of Florida which is currently ranked within the top 15 public universities by U.S. News. LSU which historically has been very inexpensive to attend and often underfunded in recent years as well as perhaps hamstrung by Louisiana's policy of requiring legislative approval of tuition increases, a policy that most states do not follow, is not within the top 50.

Anonymous said...

You ever notice this never called socialism?

Oh, that's right it's primarily the middle class and the upper class getting a sweetheart deal here. What they charge for tuition in Louisiana is a joke.

When the talk radio crowd gets a deal, its an incentive. When lower class gets it, its a handout. Hmmm....

Maybe the personal responsibility crowd should use their boot straps to put their children through college instead of using my tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

That comment made me feel like Ronald Reagan, lol.

Clay said...

Louisiana can't afford to be much dumber. TOPS is one of the very few things this state has going for it. And for all Pat Taylor did in his life, up until the very end, most of New Orleans society shunned him because he (GASP!) made his own money. Not until shortly before he died was he really embraced. They like it when the money was made by someone dead, preferably generations ago.

BTW- Your boy Minyard is running for reelection...

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere you need a 2.5 to start to qualify for TOPS. That's a joke right? A 2.5 and you get free money for school? Wow, now that is dumb.

No, really we should give anyone with a half brain, regardless of whether their family is wealthy free in-state tuition. Just as long as their a B student.

Do yourself a favor and compare tuition costs of LSU to other state schools. It is ridiculously low.

Clay said...

@Anon The GPA requirement is a sliding scale based off your ACT score. If you have a 2.5, you need a fairly high ACT score. If you have a 2.75, it's a little less, 3.0, lower. It's to give Ben Franklin-type students a break.

A TOPS scholarship is well within reach for any above average student that applies him or herself.

The Board of Regents is also proposing a $1000 "Flagship Fee" for LSU students:

Honestly, it's sort of a step up compared to LSU fucking over every other Louisiana college because they have the power to. One walk around UNO's campus shows you how much they've been shafted.

Clay said...

Also, here's the Minyard running again article:

Anonymous said...

Clay, I meant compare the price of state schools in Louisiana to other states, such as Penn., Maryland, etc.

Being a B student should not entitle you to a scholarship, especially if you come from a wealthy family.

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