Thursday, October 08, 2009

Note to the advance team

I am really looking forward to President Obama's overdue visit next Thursday.

A White House memo, provided by Louisiana members of Congress, said the president would be in New Orleans for a town hall, but didn't provide any details.

Sorry but I'd like to know some details.

What kind of town hall are we talking about here?

Will it be come-one come-all? Obama-style? Room to accommodate a thousand of us or so?

Or will it be invite only? Landrieu-style? Room for only a few hundred?

I want to see the President speak. He might not be back again for a while.

It would make me real sad to miss out.

Get a big space reserved, mmkay?


mominem said...

Super Dome?

Papa Bear said...

stop that, E.


Anonymous said...

I heard tonight he is having a private meeting with the Pauls.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Obama's townhalls are just as Landrieu-style as the Landrieus. That come-one come-all has rarely if ever been seen with Obama.

Anonymous said...

1. He should explain why he is allowing only 3,500 Section 8 vouchers when 37,000 people applied. We elected him to get us out of war and shift to domestic needs. Now he want to get us deeper into war and pull back on housing victims of the Corp of Engineers. He rode to the white house on the back of New Orleans and now he avoids us like the plague to hold on to his 43% white vote.

2. Instead of visiting MLK Charter, he should go to Carver Elementary where all the charters dump kids and 80% of those kids are now failing the LEAP. Carver is the logical outcome of the free market system of education that he touts.