Sunday, October 11, 2009

Don’t like to hear where I can’t go - updated

Is it true that President Obama's scheduled trip to New Orleans coincides with Mayor Nagin's scheduled trip to Cuba?

How convenient!

I wonder if President Obama - juggling two wars, a limping economy, a critical healthcare reform initiative, and the coming climate change catastrophe - was asked to reschedule to accommodate Mayor Nagin?


My own views on Cuba are similar to those of Jackson Browne:

Maybe I’ll go through Mexico
Old Jesse Helms don’t have to know
Anyway all the allies of the USA
Travel to Cuba everyday


Update: Mayor Nagin has, I'm told, rescheduled his trip to Cuba. I suppose this does confirm that Obama's trip to New Orleans coincided with Nagin's junket - which is interesting. I didn't mean to suggest that the Mayor was giving serious thought to going ahead with his trip. I don't have those kinds of sources.

While we're on the subject, let me applaud Mayor C. Ray Nagin.

No need to adjust your screens. I would like to genuinely tip my hat to the Mayor for reaching out to Cuba and I hope he can reschedule his trip as soon as possible. I think the next Mayor should market New Orleans as destination for transnational tourism and immigration. The embargo against Cuba is going to end sooner or later. Our cultural similarities are so similar we'd be really dumb not to position ourselves to capitalize on the opportunities that may arise from loosened restrictions on travel and trade. It almost always seems like we fall behind the curve on stuff like this but this time maybe New Orleans might be shrewd enough to get ahead.

Since we're here, I really think New Orleans should do more to attract immigrants both legal and illegal. I think we should become a sanctuary city - like most other major cities - by adopting laws that protect illegal immigrants. Though I'm sure there are economic benefits to derive from opening up our arms to the world, my rationale is more based on my own anecdotal observation that this place would be more awesome if we had more immigrants from more places - I'm thinking especially Brazil, West Africa, and Cuba - to hang with.


Leigh C. said...

If that story is true about the Walking Id and Obama, well, I don't know who's the bigger wuss.

Clay said...

Obama's campus visit will be in the middle of midterms for UNO students. Gonna suck getting to and from campus for them.

Anonymous said...

Obama is all talk and no action on New Orleans and Katrina--the issue that launched his campaign.

He's doing nothing for housing in New Orleans other than expedite Bush's pathetic funding. All the new construction is being built by outside labor--black carpenters and bricklayers can't get hired. We need a federal job program that won't discriminate. We need housing vouchers for the 37,000 who applied (we had 50,000 in public housing 20 years ago, so they have to go somewhere). Yet Obama's folks have approved only 3,500 vouchers. Check out the new HANO advisory committee--DeSalvo from Tulane which led the campaign to keep Charity closed. Alford from the Charters. What about local black folks and tenants?

Jeffrey said...

I too would like to see NOLA forge ties once again with Latin America and the rest of the Global South. This city is a mongrel city that thrives on infusions of people, and I couldn't agree more that rehabilitating our ties to Cuba are a great first step.

Andres Duany is by no means right about most things, but he definitely gets New Orleans--La Habana is our true sister city, and he's on to something when he says that we are the wealthiest, most functional city in the Caribbean.

G-FUNK said...

Wouldn't letting more illegal's make it harder for the poor folk in this city to get jobs???

What this country needs to do is let in more skilled immigrants (vs now where its tough to get a work visa) and make it much, much easier for hardworking, contributing members of the immigrant community to become citizens.

My wife is from another country and it was a B1TcH for her to become a citizen!

Anonymous - are you just figuring out that Obama is an empty suit???

Papa Bear said...

Eli, I understand and agree totally with your last sentence.

Superdeformed said...

Sorry I've worked construction since I was young until I went off to college. Immigrants stealing jobs is a load of BS. Most independent contractors and sub contractors have horrible work ethic. Hell, after a big draw you won't see most of them until they've blown their money on drugs or booze.

Any reliable and "legal" crews are usually booked solid and charge a premium. Though less of them are all black and/or white anymore.

So many white conservatives claim to be capitalists, yet when it comes to actual competition they start bitching.

Immigration reform is long over due and it's a shame that it's such a politicized issue.

It's nice to see Nagin reach out to Cuba and all, but the city should be doing everything in it's power to build up the ports.

I'm so ranty this morning, sorry if that made no sense.

Anonymous said...

No, I always knew Obama was an empty suit--ever since he came out after Katrina and said the rescue had nothing to do with race. That's what the white folks wanted to hear. He promised whites if they would vote for him, he would say that racism was over. He held to his side and white progressives seem to be holding him to that promise.

No racism in New Orleans according to our blogs. Just incompetent black leaders. Meanwhile I see that Joe "Greenspace" Canizaro is now bankrolling John Georges along with the Dallas "forty thieves", but that gets no mention in the progressive blogs. Let's pretend that the only bad buys are in city hall and not the Boston Club.

Anonymous said...

Reopen the Gulf corridor I say!

Check out the following event this Friday, October 16, 2 p.m. -- keynote address by Ned Sublette at Zócalo Public Square's conference "La Nueva Orleans?" Race and Immigration in Post-Katrina America at W New Orleans, 333 Poydras Street.

...I know at least one illegal immigrant who will be there :-0!